The World Series of sbobet Poker had more then 5600 entrants this year

sbobet weekly tournament (that requires people to put up $200 to play) nearly doubled in size in one year

During peak hours, PokerStars climbed above 75,000 players at one time

Those are just three little things that knock my socks off. Every one of them is amazing in its own right. That’s to say nothing about the millions and millions of dollars being wagered at any moment in online and brick and mortar poker rooms.

So, in short, 2005 was a year of unsustainable growth. I can accept that. Anything that continues to grow that fast will implode under its own weight. I think 2006 will be a year of growth for the industry, but not nearly as large as it was in 2005. Within a year or two, we might see a plateau and maybe even a soft decline. But, as near as I can tell, despite Walgreens soft plastic chip sales, poker is here to stay for a long time.


You may or may not have noticed that I have not written a lot about my personal play in the past six months or so. Unless there was a great story to go along with a game, I didn’t see much reason to explain my reasoning behind calling with my aces even though I figured Shep held a better hand. Unless there was some great help I thought I could offer with explaining why I took two or three big shots this year, I just kept it to myself or private conversations.

So, how did I do this year? Well, my record keeping has not been as good as one might imagine (something I plan to rectify in 2006), but I know I set a bankroll goal for myself back in June. It was seemingly unattainable at the time, but things changed around mid-summer and I never looked back. I hit the goal and then bested it by another 50%. No one is more amazed than me.

I’m playing online regularly at levels that I would ont have comprehended even a year ago. I’m also fairly happy with my tournament game, although there is some tweaking that needs to happen for me to think I’m any good.

My biggest personal problem is my apparently inability to translate online success to good live play. That, by the way, is another New Year’s poker resolution.

But, my resolutions and goals will have to wait for another post.

After all, it’s New Years’s Eve and I’m going to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in two days.

Happy New Year, all. Thanks for making it one of the best.