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The popularity of online casinos is soaring, and millions of people visit them every day. There are a number of reasons why so many people keep playing online. Some like it because it is quick and easy, others just don’t like the casino atmosphere. Whatever the reasons, more and more people are now favouring the online format, which could see a rapid decline in the land-based casino in the next few years.


Online casinos are advancing in many ways, and doing things that aren’t possible in the real-world. For instance, slot machines now come in hundreds of different themes, and have special features that are only playable on computers. There are now various different forms of blackjack and roulette that are only available to play online, and poker sites where players can join a tournament any time of the day.


The appeal for many people with playing online, is the fact that they can play from the comfort of their own homes. They can log on at any time, play a few games, then go and do something else. A lot of online casinos now also have apps for mobile and tablet, so people can also enjoy games on the move. This works for players with busy schedules. Online casinos have detailed instructions about the games, which is useful for beginners, and depositing and withdrawing money is quick and easy. One of the big things that pulls in more customers is the amount of great bonuses available. Online sites often offer first-time deposit bonuses, and have special promotions that change each week, like free spins and free entry to games.


Some traditional players may prefer to go to the land based casino because of the atmosphere, and the fact that they can socialise. Now, a lot of Togel Online casinos are accommodating these people. Some online casinos have live links to tables in real casinos, so players can see the croupier spin the roulette wheel, or deal the cards. This effectively brings the casino to you, and it gives people peace of mind when they know that all the outcomes are random. Some sites even let players send messages to, and tip the croupiers.


A lot of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) now have casino themes, where players can create an avatar and explore a casino setting, while playing games and socialising with other players. With virtual reality set to be the next big thing, it is expected that online sites will try to exploit this new technology and emulate these MMORPGs, by allowing players to slip on the headset and feel as though they are walking around a real casino. Of course, they would still be playing from the comfort of their own homes but would be able to experience the real casino atmosphere.


With these technological developments, it seems as though the traditional casino may soon become extinct, as it fails to keep up with the online world. Either that, or they will have to think of something very special to win players back.…

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Betting on tennis has become very popular in the past few years, and that is mostly because of the TV’s coverage of tennis and possibly because there are only two possible outcomes when talking about placing wagers on tennis. It runs the whole year from January to the end of November with the WTA and ATP Tours. It is not at all surprising that most of the bookmakers in tennis offer a massive range of match options. However, for you to place a successful bet with a chance of winning, like in every other sports event, you first need to understand basic bet types. This article will cover everything you need to know about placing bets in tennis.


Match Winner Markets: since these are the simplest bets, most of the gamblers prefer placing wagers on this bet. To put it simply, here you will be betting that one of the tennis players will win this round and advance to the next round. When you bet on the favored player and you win the bet, you will get less money than if you would to win a bet on the underdogs. However, online bookmakers have different ways (betting rules) when it comes to how should they settle the bets on a certain game if the matches are not fully completed because of the players retirement. It is very important for you to pay attention to the rules of every bookmaker so you can choose the one with the right policy.


Handicap Markets: this bet is valuable if you intend to bet on the player who is heavily favored over his opponent. The bookmakers will offer the handicap to oppose the difference in the player’s ability which will level out the match. The goal of the bookmakers is to make a handicap, that can also be called a line, which will give better chances for either of the players winning (when considering the handicap) as close to as 50%. To determine the outcome of the game and for the purpose of the bet, the handicap will be taken in account of the final score. This will basically mean that you will be betting on one of the tennis players to beat the other, but with a certain handicap applied.


What is great about these markets is that they can increase your winnings when you are placing a bet on the favorite that is expected to win and also they can make a profit from placing a bet on an outsider, without the need for that player to actually win that match just as long as their scores are close. There are 2 different handicap bets that can be related to betting on tennis matches, those are: Game Handicaps and Sets Handicaps.


Game Handicaps: usually one of the players, which will more frequently be the outsider, will receive few games advantages plus the handicap. This is done so that the differences in quality can be countered for both players. This handicap will be put into the final score, and it will determine the game’s outcome, for the bet. The player who won more matches with the handicap is going to be the winner of the bet, even if he did not win the game.


If there is such a scenario where the total number of games is being used for the handicap, then that handicap will be adjusted so that the final score will be able to result in a draw and both of the players could actually win the same number of games. If this happens, all of the bets will be canceled and you will be able to get your original wager back since there is no winner.


Sets Handicaps: this is another thing that the bookmakers will offer you, and just like the game’s handicaps it works in the same way, but it uses the number of the sets that are won by each of the players instead of the amount of the games.


For example, In the match between Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal if the online bookmaker offers odds of 1.730 on Murray (which is +1,5 sets) and 2,260 on Nadal (which is -1,5 sets), then if by any chance Nadal is the winner of the game by 7-6 6-2, then he will cover the handicap and all of the bets on him will be won.


Set Betting: with this JBO VIETNAM wager you have to predict the exact outcome of the future tennis match, which will be based on sets won by each of the players. This is a good way if you want to boost your profit since you will usually be offered much better odds here than you would be offered on the winner of the match. Most of the tournaments will have the best-out-of-three-set matches, which means either the player will win 2:0 or 2:1.


Tournament Winner Markets: this is also called the outright winner betting, and this is where you are supposed to bet on the player or a team to win the whole tournament. Today, most of the online bookies will offer these markets. These wagers will also offer valuable betting opportunities together with the option to get some big winners since not like every tournament is going to be won by one of the largest contenders.


Parlays: are also called the accumulators, and in general, they are very popular bets for the beginners, since the favorites are always backed up to win. When you wager your money with the parlay bet there is that big excitement on making huge profits. If you want to win this bet you need to predict the all of the results of the matches that are included in the parlay, since otherwise you will lose the bet. The danger with these bets is that with each game that is added to the parlays you will be multiplying your winning potential and the bookmaker’s margins.


Other tennis bets would include: Tie Break in a Match, First Set Correct Score, First Set Winner.


With all of this said, there are a lot of ways to bet on tennis. Betting on individual matches is the most straightforward way of betting. With a match where both players are almost even in skills, they will have very similar odds.


For example, if Novak Djokovic had -205 and was against Andy Murray with +175. This could be a huge favorite for Novak since he is playing against, in this case, a less talented opponent, and he could be hugely favored up to -5000, and his opponent would go off at something like +1600. Spreads will usually be offered in matches like this, which will give a chance to the bettors to bet on Djokovic to be able to win in straight sets. Most tournaments would have wagers available on who is going to win the tournament.


Tennis Betting Strategies: Finding the upsets in the tournament win level can really be difficult since it is always (almost) going to be the better player that will win the major tournaments, after everything is already set and done. However, on the individual match level, if the bettors try to study these bets they will be able to make big profits, with either favorites or underdogs. One thing you should consider about tennis handicapping is the unique style of each player. A lot of beginner bettors would just look at the name of the player, and they would not look at how that player actually plays. For example, if we take in account that John Isner is a very good tennis player, because of his very powerful serve, he would be nearly unbeatable against a sub-par or average return game. However if he was to play against a great runner, then he would be vulnerable. You need to learn all of the weaknesses and strengths of all of the players, so you can determine which one of the players will win the game.


Surfaces are another important factor you must consider. Players like David Ferrer and Nadal are much better while playing on clay than they are while playing on any other surface. Just be sure you consider this before placing you bet, as well as the fitness. Tennis players always have some kind of an injury, and it will always be a helpful tip to look into their schedule to see if they are going to risk their bodies on any other week before the match. Players will, of course, be much fresher at the beginning of the year, and just have injuries build up as the year ends. Generally speaking, when a player has had a very long week for qualifying and making it to the semi – finals or jus the finals, then that player will have to travel a lot for the next week’s event and there is a good chance they will be very tired, so knowing this, will be very useful.


Playing conditions: this is another very important factor in the pre-match considerations will be the conditions. This will include the surfaces of the court, since like we said they are not the same. Some like to play on the clay-ish court while others do not. The grass is known to make some of the good players lose their game easily, for example; Nikolay Davydenko, Milos Raonic, and John Isner are known to not be very good players while playing on grass. While Andy Murray will be poor on a clay surface, and what is interesting to say that in his whole career he only once won against an opponent on a clay surface (back in 2009). Apart from the surface that the players will be playing on, the court’s speed also varies, although not so much as before.


The weather: like in every other sport that is held outside, this is one of the biggest factors that can affect the game and the players. The wind is the biggest enemy since it can play havoc with the tennis ball toss or even a high ball toss, and there will always be some good and bad wind players. A good example of this would be Andy Murray’s victory over Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych on 2012 US. Those were pretty unplayable conditions, but Murray used them in his advantages. If it is windy, then attacking players would often be disadvantaged since they would have that plan where they go close to the boundaries (where they would normally get closer). Roger Federer is a very good example for this, who is a very good player indoors, but he is also a good player in the windy weather, together with Petra Kvitova.


Head-to-heads: this is also an important factor since you must know how do players cope with some particular styles of play. So, if the player was to have a bad losing head-to-head record VS. someone like Isner John, it is worth for you to check somewhere else, with some other servers if the pattern continues. Since this would mean that one player just does not know how to play against the other.


Left-handers: it is important to know that lefties usually present a tricky and different kind of challenge for the right-handers, and it is a good advice for you to check out how do lefties and right-handers deal against each other. This is something that can easily be found on random sites, you just need to look it up.


In-Play betting: when you have finally analyzed all of this information you can decide how do you want things to develop from now. There are a lot of situations that can be triggered and it is important to take everything into account. There are some men who can also choke, as well as many other tennis players who usually struggle in situations like serving out. There are also …

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Aplikasi Judi Online – Pengeluaran HK




Kehadiran Aplikasi Judi Online yang Menguntungkan Bettor

Jaman sudah canggih dan sistem permainan judi juga harus semakin canggih sehingga bettor bisa menikmati permainan judinya dengan lebih baik dan juga nyaman. Kehadiran aplikasi judi online merupakan sebuah pembaharuan besar sekaligus juga seperti update terbaik sebab bettor semakin lebih mudah untuk mengakses permainan judi mereka dan sekaligus berhasil untuk meningkatkan penghasilan dengan permainan judi mobile.


Poker Android

Poker Iphone

Casino Online

Slot Games


Hadirnya Aplikasi Judi Online Memberikan Perubahan Besar


Masuknya permainan judi menuju sistem komputerisasi saja sudah merupakan sebuah perkembangan yang sangat canggih dan juga terobosan yang baru di tahun 2000an silam sehingga bettor tidak perlu lagi harus ke luar negeri dan bermain judi di dalam casino sehingga mereka hanya perlu menggunakan komputer untuk bermain judi dan mengakses internet sebagai penghubung bettor dengan situs judinya guna memulai permainan judi yang mereka inginkan. Meskipun canggih, namun cara ini ternyata masih sedikit memiliki kelemahan dimana bettor harus diam di tempat dan bermain judi padahal kegiatan mereka juga bukan hanya bermain judi dan masih ada yang lainnya.


Aplikasi Judi Online


Untuk itulah kini hadirnya aplikasi judi online secara mobile memberikan bettor keuntungan berlimpah sehingga mereka pun semakin mudah untuk memainkan judi apa saja yang diinginkan hanya dengan perangkat keras mobile yang mereka bawa kemanapun itu. Ditambah lagi dukungan jaringan internet yang semakin cepat serta kuat sehingga mampu menjangkau daerah terpencil sekaligus membuat bettor pengeluaran hk semakin terbantu untuk bermain dan meningkatkan keuntungan mereka. Dimanapun bettor berada dan kapanpun mereka inginkan, permainan judi dapat diakses dengan mudah tanpa kesulitan selama jaringan internet memadai dan juga pulsa di dalam ponsel pintar Anda cukup untuk bermain.


Tak heran jika kini banyak agen yang juga menyediakan permainan versi mobile ini dengan membuat aplikasi yang berkualitas sehingga agen semakin mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar dengan mampu membuat diri mereka lebih dekat dengan para bettor. Ditambah lagi mereka juga menyediakan beragam permainan yang bisa dimainkan semuanya melalui ponsel pintar. Sportsbook atau permainan sports betting dapat dimainkan dengan mudah dan itu berlaku untuk permainan apapun itu entah sepak bola, tenis, basket dan sebagainya. Selain itu, permainan casino pun juga dapat dimainkan dengan sangat mudah mulai dari baccarat, roulette, sicbo, slot dan sebagainya.


Anda hanya perlu memilih situs yang menyediakan aplikasi ini atau memilih dahulu aplikasinya yang terbaik setelah itu Anda mendaftar menuju situs aslinya sehingga mendapatkan partner yang paling menguntungkan bagi diri Anda dan permainan yang dilakukan. Selain itu aplikasi ini juga dibuat dengan sangat ringan sehingga tidak memakan penyimpanan dari ponsel dan juga menghambat kinerja dari ponsel canggih Anda. Karena itulah jauh lebih menyenangkan untuk bisa langsung memiliki aplikasi yang paling menguntungkan ini dan tidak perlu bettor harus menunggu sepulang kerja hanya untuk bermain judi yang mereka inginkan karena kapanpun waktunya, Anda bisa main.


Jauh lebih santai dan membantu juga sehingga bettor yang tidak memiliki perangkat keras seperti komputer maupun juga laptop bisa bermain judi karena mereka pasti memiliki ponsel apalagi kini ponsel dengan kecanggihan jaringan maupun teknologi yang terbaru saja dibanderol dengan harga yang terjangkau sehingga siapapun bisa memilikinya dengan mudah dan tidak perlu lagi kesulitan untuk bermain judi yang menyenangkan dan juga tentunya memberikan untung.


Inilah bukti bahwa agen selalu berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik bahkan melalui aplikasi judi online mobile untuk para bettornya seiring dengan kecanggihan teknologinya sekarang.…

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DREAMGAMING – Bandar Judi Online Untung Besar United Kalah Dari Watford




Mourinho bukan seorang manajer yang buruk semalam,” kata Steve McManaman ke Jose Mourinho setelah kalah dari Watford pada hari Minggu. Tidak semalam, mungkin, dan tidak buruk, mungkin. Tapi Anda bisa menjadi jauh lebih buruk selama setahun. Sukses tidak pernah dijamin. Hal-hal berubah, dengan hanya 14 kemenangan dalam 32 pertandingan terakhirnya, dan 14 tahun sejak tiga pertandingan terakhir kalah beruntun nya, saatnya untuk mempertimbangkan apakah strategi Mourinho jadi jelas digunakan untuk memiliki dalam sekop telah hanya menguap, meninggalkan dia hanya sebagai manajer lain yang akan untuk mengacaukan semuanya dan dapat menghancurkan club raksasa Manchester United. Mungkin dia hanya tidak pandai mengelola sisi yang gagal. United jauh dari menjadi juara tahun lalu. Seperti musim lalu membuktikan, dia tidak satu untuk membawa Anda melalui beruntun kalah dan muncul sebagai pemenang. Dia mencoba segalanya di Chelsea untuk mendapatkan mereka ke mode dan benar-benar gagal menang, akhirnya mengecam dari pemain sebelum mendapatkan Pogba. Dia sudah mulai memiliki Luke Shaw yang sembuh dari DreamGaming cidera. Berapa lama lagi sebelum sisa mereka mendapatkannya di leher, mengikuti jejak Chelsea dan alat turun ? Dia sudah mengatakan pemain tidak dapat menangani tekanan di Inggris, yang terdengar banyak sekali seperti pengakuan dari jiwa sendiri, dipindahkan ke skuadnya. Sejak hari Porto, ia memiliki begitu sedikit pengalaman kegagalan yang terlihat cukup jelas bahwa ia tidak memiliki metode psikologis atau praktis di tempat untuk mengatasinya pada apa pun selain secara berkala. Melawan Watford timnya benar-benar berbau tempat dan tampak putus asa, meronta-ronta sekitar hanya berharap keuntungan datang. Tapi itu bukan cara Mourinho. Dia selalu seseorang untuk perencanaan cermat, namun jika ia masih adalah, tidak ada bukti itu pada hari Minggu. Seluruh sisi terlihat buruk mengatur dan di kali, tidak ada yang muncul untuk mengetahui apa yang seharusnya mereka lakukan, atau di mana mereka seharusnya melakukannya. Itu baik perencanaan yang buruk atas nama manajer atau itu disiplin miskin oleh sisi. Either way, itu tidak mencakup Mourinho dalam kemuliaan. Jika Anda ingin statistik untuk cadangan ini telah dibaca sepotong-baik saja Matt.


Mourinho Diolok Olok Fans Chelsea di Media –

Dia pasti tampaknya menjadi seorang pria berubah dari inkarnasi sukses. Untuk mulai dengan, dia terlihat benar-benar menyedihkan dan tanpa percikan kegembiraan atau kenekatan di matanya. OK, tidak ada yang menyenangkan di kalah, tetapi Anda tidak bisa membiarkan hal itu mempengaruhi Anda begitu mendalam, begitu cepat. Maksudku, itu sangat awal musim kehilangan mojo Anda. Pada saat itu tampak seolah-olah dia benar-benar bosan di touchline. Ketika semua yang telah dikenal adalah kaviar dan sampanye, rebus puding daging dan teh bisa tampak sangat glamor dan tak menimbulkan selera (meskipun sebagian besar dari kita akan memilih mereka). Karisma yang tak diragukan bahwa sekali terpancar telah sangat jelas telah tersingkir dari dia. Dia tampak biasa, tentu saja, tidak ada bukti dia tidak. Penghinaan sisi Chelsea ia dipandu ke bulan judul sebelumnya, pada dasarnya berhenti bermain untuk dia dan mendapatkan dia karung, tidak bisa lebih mudah untuk mengambil. Bahkan yang terbesar, paling ego berlapis emas akan ternoda oleh itu. Dan dia harus setidaknya sedikit khawatir bahwa itu mungkin terjadi lagi. Dan itu benar-benar sulit untuk tetap menjadi sukses. Football dibangun di atas terus bergeser pasir. Apakah ia mampu mengubah dengan waktu? Hanya menyebarkan metode yang membuat Anda sukses sebelumnya sudah menunjukkan tanda-tanda menjadi modus operandi berlebihan. Keberhasilan diperpanjang Sir Alex Ferguson adalah sebagian difasilitasi oleh cara ia mengubah baik cara ia berhasil samping dan bagaimana ia berhasil pemain. Orang shouty sekolah tua memberi jalan untuk seorang pria yang lebih cerdas psikologis. Tapi sepak bola bergerak lebih cepat sekarang (anda ingin tahu alasan lain Mourinho kalah dari Watford, bisa klik disini). Manchester United begitu jelas tidak berfungsi pada berbagai tingkatan. Mereka terlihat berantakan dan tidak percaya diri. Tak satu pun dari yang ciri-ciri dari sisi Mourinho khas. The Mourinho lama 2004 akan menunjukkan belas kasihan untuk setiap pemain di bawah performa tapi, ketika dihadapkan dengan seluruh tim di bawah performa, ia sudah tampak terpukul oleh itu. Seluruh set-up melawan Watford tampaknya didasarkan pada ide untuk menemukan tempat untuk Wayne Rooney untuk bermain, meskipun tampaknya mengunci seluruh tim, dan meskipun bukti bahwa Rooney melakukan hal kentang canggung sekali lagi. The Mourinho tua akan benched Rooney untuk menjadi miskin, langsung dari kelelawar. Untuk tidak melakukannya terlihat lemah dan mengisyaratkan kekhawatiran bahwa ia mungkin kehilangan ruang ganti jika ia mengasingkan kapten klub. Meskipun tembak sisi jelas tidak semua turun ke Wayne, kegagalan untuk menangani kesia-siaan kapten menjadi baik penyebab dan simbol dari malaise yang sama.


Nasib Manchester United Tergantung Strategi Mourinho Selanjutnya –

Mourinho tidak bodoh. Dia tahu serta kita semua lakukan seberapa buruk Rooney dkk. Tapi bayangan biru Chelsea musim lalu yang pasti pengecoran lama di ruang ganti Old Trafford. Ini kali ketiga Manchester United kalah 3 kali beruntun (berita selengkapnya ada disini). Apakah dia punya nyali untuk laga yang menjatuhkan Rooney akan mengharuskan? Berapa kali Anda benar-benar ingin pergi ke sumur keputusasaan, dan berapa kali Anda mampu melakukannya? Itu harus putus asa. Di sini Anda berada di salah satu klub terbesar di dunia sepakbola, dengan anggaran yang besar, tepat pada saat Pep Guardiola tampaknya menciptakan sepak bola baru cutting edge, dan seluruh balutan manajer lain semua terlihat lapar, inovatif dan baik-didanai terlalu. Dari Guardiola, Ronald Koeman, Mauricio Pochettino, Jurgen Klopp dan Antonio Conte, Mourinho terlihat, oleh beberapa jarak, setidaknya inspirasi dan paling lelah saat ini.Ini mungkin akan menjadi klub terakhir manggung Jose. Ada tempat untuk pergi setelah Inggris, tidak lebih berkilau untuk hoover di tempat lain, kecuali dalam manajemen internasional dan Portugal baru saja merampas kesempatan menjadi orang pertama yang memenangkan sesuatu dengan mereka.Jadi ini adalah klub swansong nya. Hal ini untuk bekerja, atau seluruh warisannya akan tercemar oleh dua besar, tinggi-profil dan mendalam kegagalan. Dan yang juga harus menciptakan tekanan tersendiri baginya karena dia tahu dia jatuh dan dia jatuh cepat. Mungkin dia menyampaikan bahwa tekanan untuk tim. kekhawatirannya sekarang kekhawatiran mereka. Mourinho perlu plug ke 2004/2005 mentalitas dan keras, benar-benar berdarah keras. Drop semua puding tidak berguna, siapa pun mereka, apa pun bobot komersial mereka, dan mulai bermain pemain di posisi terbaik mereka. Dapatkan berdarah serius. Karena jika dia tidak serius dan serius segera, ini semua hanya akan berakhir salah satu cara, dan cara yang buruk. Dan cepat.…

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How Can You Gamble w88 With ONLINE CASINO Vietnam?



The way entertainment and profit making has changed over the years has evolved new forms of games. Gambling stands among one of those popular ones. Back to the previous days, gambling was just limited to the casinos. People could play the casino games available there only through the middle man. But the new concepts have shifted the trend. People can comfortably play their favorite casino games over online platforms. Online casinos are the latest trend to play any of the gambling or betting games.


CasinoWhat are online casinos?


Online casinos are platforms where people can play traditional casino games. The only requirement is an internet connection. People can start playing after they make an initial deposit to their account after the registration. Also, most of these w88 platforms provide you a welcome bonus depending on the deposit amount. You can bet and play all of the games available and once you’ve won the withdrawal limit amount, you can simply get it into your account. If you are looking ONLINE CASINO Vietnam there are many of the ones to offer you this service.


How to select an online casino?


Online casinos are great ways of profit making but as there are so many platforms that you can get confused in selecting the perfect ones. This can also invite many frauds with it. So you should better go for the ones that deliver:


Trusted service

Customer support

Secured deposits

Confirmed withdrawals

You should not melt for the too good looking offers as there might be some loophole. Playing gambling games get you good ways to earn profit but if you have found a reliable platform.


Online casinos have made it possible to earn good profits along with fun and entertainment options. But before you chose a platform, make sure it is reliable.


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Roulette, the oldest casino game still in existence, originated from other wheel games popular during the Middle Ages. It gained widespread popularity in


Europe, especially in France during the late eighteenth century. By the early nineteenth century, roulette—which is French for “little wheel”—made it across the Atlantic, introduced to the United States by professional gamblers who adapted many European games to suit American tastes.


Roulette attracts a much larger following in Europe than in America. The American roulette wheel averages between fifty and ninety spins per hour, while in Europe the wheel averages 120 spins per hour with more than one dealer usually needed to operate the game. One of the main reasons for roulette’s relatively low appeal in the United States is that most American casinos utilize both a zero and a double zero on the roulette wheel. European casinos only use one zero. The house advantage of American roulette becomes 5.26 compared to 2.70 in European roulette, making American roulette the game with the poorest odds for the gambler out of the four basic table games of blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat.


The average American roulette table employs one dealer who stands next to the wheel. The wheel, approximately three feet in diameter, consists of thirty-eight individually numbered cups around its perimeter. Half of the cups, numbered one through thirty-six, are black and the other half are red, while the zero and double zero cups are both green. Each numbered pocket is divided from its neighbors by separators. Red and black cups alternate around the wheel, but the numbers are randomly placed. Often the wheel will be semi-enclosed by a clear, plastic shield that guards against tampering by anyone. There are usually five to ten player chairs around the table. The roulette table can become rather crowded, with players reaching over one another to place bets on the table.


Casino Roulette – Roulette Table graphic


While TOGEL HONGKONG cash may be played at most roulette tables, the typical player opts for roulette chips. The roulette chips cannot be played at other casino games and often cannot even be used to play at a different roulette table. After the player places cash or casino chips on the table, the dealer will push a stack of colored roulette chips to the player. Each player receives chips of one color, different than the chips of the other players, so that everyone can keep track of their own bets. The chips do not show denominations but are all valued at the minimum chip amount. A sign posted at the table will list the minimum chip amount as well as minimum bet limit. In addition, players are often required to buy a certain amount of chips. For example, a table may require a player to buy $20 worth of chips valued at $1 each and to wager $5 for each spin of the wheel. Players may also negotiate with the dealer if they desire a higher denomination for their chips.


The dealer starts a game by spinning the roulette wheel clockwise and then rolling a small ball on the rim of the wheel counterclockwise. Players place their bets until the ball slows down and the dealer says, “No more bets.”


There are a variety of ways to place bets at the roulette table, more than in any other casino table game. On an “inside wager” a player places chips on or within the boundary lines of the numbered squares. In an “outside wager” the player places chips in any of the boxes outside of the main rows of numbers. A player can then place either “even-money bets” (odd or even, red or black), “dozen bets,” or “column bets” at the far end of the layout opposite the zero and double zero (see figure). While complex combinations of bets often ensue as players seemingly throw chips all over the table, the process is actually very straightforward. Compared to other casino table games, roulette requires no special betting etiquette or ritualized procedures. Players simply place their chips on various spots along the table layout to designate their bets for that game. The payoffs then depend on the wager method.


As the ball slows down it bounces in and out of different pockets, eventually landing in one numbered pocket. The dealer places a marker on top of the winning number on the layout. He collects all the losing bets first and then pays off the winners. While European roulette dealers handle the chips on the table with a rake (which is where the expression “raking in the chips” originates), most American roulette dealers use only their hands.


The action at a roulette table rarely becomes heated or overly loud since neither the dealer nor the players have any control over where the ball will land. (Gamblers from time to time claim to have worked out systems for beating the wheel, but to date none has proven effective.) Most players remain seated and few speak to one another or to the dealer. Some say that since no skill is involved with this game, the most interesting aspect about it is the hypnotic spell the wheel seems to create.





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Togel Singapore

Update on “durrrr’s” Million Dollar Poker Togel Singapore Challenge



Tom “durrr” Dwan’s Million Dollar Poker Challenge is comprised of 50,000 poker hands at tables with stakes of $200/$400 or more. After the last hand, whoever has the biggest bankroll will either win $1.5 million from Dwan, or Dwan will win $500,000 of his opponent’s money.


It wasn’t long after Dwan’s challenge that Phil Ivey took Dwan up and agreed to compete… and then David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius followed. These are three of the biggest names in online and live poker. Phil Ivey is a five-time WSOP bracelet winner, Benyamine has one bracelet, and although Antonius has more than $750K in WSOP winnings, he doesn’t wear a bracelet. Dwan has no WSOP bracelets either, but these guys are just about all in the same league, expect for Ivey, who blows them all away. Online opinion polls show that Dwan has no chance against Ivey. Although there are some who believe this whole thing is hype and the challenge will never actually take place or that Dwan will never follow through and end up paying out of his pocket when he doesn’t complete the challenge. But Dwan is a pretty cool guy who would not likely make such a joke out of himself.


There are questions though, surrounding the challenge. Like when and where it will take place. It is most likely that FullTilt Poker will win the free advertisement off this one. Ivey is with FullTilt and both Benyamine and Dwan are known to play at FullTilt. Ivey would not be able to play anywhere else online anyway because his Team FullTilt contract prevents him from doing so. There will also have to be someone neutral to monitor the players and ensure all Dwan’s rules are being followed fairly.


Some might remember back in October 2008 when Dwan attempted to organize a $50K heads-up online challenge with the best of 3 or 5 no limit hold ‘em matches, with a starting chip stack of $300, and blinds would stay the same. This Togel Singapore challenge never materialized, but apparently Dwan loves the competitive aspect of poker just as much as he does all the money he wins. By the way, he’s already a top-runner for the biggest winner of 2009.


Amarillo Slim Beaten Down and Robbed!


“Amarillo” Slim Preston, hands-down one of the greatest living gamblers and poker players of all-time, was rushed to a local area hospital in Amarillo, Texas, this past week after being beaten and robbed of his possessions and a large amount of cash.


The robbery, which occurred when Preston was trying to collect on a $3,000 debt that was owed to him, not only costed Slim $8,000 in cash and an $85,000 ring he was wearing, but he also suffered a broken jaw, hand, and thumb!


According to police reports, he was led to an open field in his hometown of Amarillo by someone planning to give him a 4-wheel drive vehicle as collateral on the debt, but was then subsequently beaten down and blatantly robbed on the spot.  The person was not identified in the reports, however, local police authorities are hoping to find the culprit as soon as possible.


The 80-year old Amarillo Slim is one of the pioneers of poker and was responsible for bringing the game itself to the forefront of Vegas lore when he, Sailor Roberts, and Doyle Brunson traveled to and from Texas and Nevada as road gamblers and “hustlers.”  He is also one of the few players to have won the WSOP Main Event more than once in his career and is also a member of the coveted Poker Hall of Fame.


We wish Slim nothing but the best and hope he has a speedy recovery.…

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2022 Lang Calendars

Computer Consulting 101 PC Troubleshooting Advice and 2022 Lang Calendars



While most small businesses really do need to find a good local computer consulting business to take care of their computer problems, there are some computer problems that are simple enough for even a technophobe to handle. At Computer Consulting 101, we’ve found there’s one very simple piece of advice that often doesn’t get communicated to non-technical small business end users: When in doubt, reboot first. Seriously, while it may sound tremendously simple, end users often overlook it during typical computer panic attacks. Anytime you’re about to consider an issue a real IT support problem and call your computer consulting vendor, always reboot first. First, exit out of whatever files and programs that you’re working on. Then, run through a Shutdown and Restart sequence to reboot your computer.


If you suspect your computer problem involves something hardware-related, such as with your network card, modem, mouse, keyboard or sound card, you should even go one step further, before calling your computer consulting experts. Go to your Start menu. Next, shutdown your PC. Then turn the power off for a minute or so… if you’re computer didn’t power itself off on its own. Then finally power your PC back up again and see if the problem resolved itself on its own.


Many times a simple reboot is all it takes. The Bottom Line While this advice probably sounds very basic like 2022 Lang Calendars, at Computer Consulting 101 we’ve found that a substantial percentage (as many as 10-20% of problems) of trouble calls for IT support become unnecessary after a reboot. And of course, because you probably pay every single time you pick up the phone, why not conserve your IT budget for those projects that can help your company drive more revenue, improve productivity, reduce overhead, and boost your bottom line. Remember, before you call a computer consulting professional, reboot first…. so you can conserve your computer consulting budget for those problems that really require expert assistance. Copyright MMI-MMVI, Computer Consulting 101 Blog. All Worldwide Rights Reserved.





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Situs Togel Agen Bola Online Indonesia Terpercaya Liga365 dan link alternatif Liga365



Kali ini kita akan membahas tentang Liga365. Siapa yang tidak kenal Liga365?? Kami rasa hampir semua orang yang suka main judi online mengenal Liga365. Ya Liga365 memang merupakan Agen Judi Online Terbesar & Terpercaya di Indonesia, karena Liga365 sudah berdiri cukup lama, sejak tahun 2009 Liga365 sudah bergelut di Dunia Judi Online “kususnya judi bola”.


Jadi tidak perlu di ragukan lagi kredibilitasnya!! Dulu memang Liga365 hanya menyediakan permainan Sepak Bola saja, tapi seiring perkembangan zaman, Liga365 juga menambah beberapa game yang banyak di cari dan di nikmati para betor indonesia, seperti :

– Togel

– Tangkas (Micky Mouse)

– Live Casino

– Poker DominoQQ

– Keno (Number Games)

– Slot


Jadi sekarang di Liga365 kalian bisa mainkan semua permainan di atas hanya dengan 1 id saja, tidak perlu buat user id baru. Liga365 juga bisa di akses menggunakan Smart Phone kalian, jadi kalian bisa mainin semua game di mana dan kapan saja.


Liga365 juga menjadi Agen Judi Online Terlengkap yang di dukung bank-bank besar Indonesia seperti :


– Mandiri



– Danamon

– CIMB Niaga

– Sinarmas


– Panin Bank

– Permata Bank

– Artha Graha

– Bank BJB

(Liga365 juga menerima deposit dari bank daerah & bank swasta lainnya)


Info : Lihat juga Jadwal Bank sebelum anda bertransaksi di Jadwal Bank Liga365


Berikut ini link alternatif resmi Liga365 :






Link Login Smart Phone :




Download Aplikasi :



(Kami menghimbau kepada anda semua untuk Togel login hanya dari link di atas!! Jika ada kesulitan, bisa hub kami di


Memilih Agen yang Terpercaya sangat perlu apa lagi di Dunia Online dan berkaitan dengan Judi pada siapa anda akan melapor? Sudah banyak kasus penipuan / menang tidak dibayar dengan berbagai alasan, jadi sebaiknya pasti kan dan cari tahu dulu kredibilitas Agen yang ingin anda jadikan tempat bertaruh, karena Liga365 tidak mau anda semua tertipu oleh Agen abal-abal yang mulai banyak bermunculan saat ini.


Jadi tunggu apa lagi, segera bergabung bersama kami di Liga365 Agen Judi Online Terpercaya di Indonesia Ajak juga teman kerabat anda semua bergabung bersama kami dan menangkan uang ratusan juta rupiah bersama kami!!



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Crypto Gambling

Top 10 Reshuffles On CoinMarketCap: Ethereum vs. Ripple, Nem vs. Litecoin & More Crypto Gambling



As Bitcoin continues to grow, some altcoins are not being left behind either. Last week there was an intense competition on the Top 10 of CoinMarketCap with some casualties being posted.


It was so engrossing to see some old cryptocurrencies uprooted from their longstanding positions. This registered the fact that no entity has a monopoly over a particular position.


Ethereum lost to Ripple

Smart Contract king, Ethereum in a very surprising circumstance lost its long-held number two spot to snowballing Bank Transfer giant Ripple. Fascinatingly, within the week it doubled its value and it was near twice the value of Ethereum.


Rising almost 40 percent, its market cap was over $15 bln. It has now lost almost $2 bln and Ethereum is now closing the gap. Actually, it was the second best-performing cryptocurrency on the top 10 last week.


Yet still, Ripple leads Ether with almost $2 bln in Market Cap. Some analysts in the space are strongly convinced it is likely that it will recover and take back the number two position it nearly monopolized for a couple of years.


It remained to be seen since Ripple keeps making deals with banks around the world expanding its portfolios. Anyway, Ethereum with no doubt as well has become a popular smart contract platform.


NEM pushed Litecoin

In a related development, on Thursday fast-growing NEM also pushed SegWit trailblazer, Litecoin to the fifth rank and became the world’s fourth most valuable digital currency. This was when the Ethereum Token rose a towering 50 percent in growth rate.


It became one of the notorious astonishments associated with altcoins rise since Litecoin, the silver of crypto has been performing awesomely in the market since choosing the SegWit path. Well in this space nothing is no more a bewilderment. NEM now holds more than $2 bln in Market Capitalization.


Significantly New Economic Movement (NEM) was the best performing crypto in the week and continues to lead in altcoin growth in 2017. It seems to be attracting more investors to its fold.


Stellar Lumen vs. Monero

Another interesting raging battle is between the radioactivity of Ripple as a result of a misunderstanding, Stellar Lumen, and steadily declining Monero. On Thursday XLM dislodged Monero from the eighth rank but the latter fought back gallantly to take it back on Friday.


Alas! This did not last long and the Microfinance Blockchain once again took over on Saturday. At the time of filing this report, the difference in Market Cap between the two was $20 mln for Crypto Gambling.


If Monero remains the way it is tanking, the likelihood of gaining back the position is slim. Moreover, Stellar Lumen so far has given all indications it has come to the top 10 to stay.


ByteCoin bites Steem

Among the other things, last week witnessed a newcomer in the ranks of the elites when Bytecoin crashed the gates of the top 10 sending Steem stumbling down below. For four days now Bytecoin has held the tenth position firmly. It is up to them to prove to the community if they have come to stay or not.


Meanwhile, Siacoin is barking fiercely to gain entrance to the top as it is now at the eleventh spot. Cointelegraph anticipates a hot week ahead.



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