Jimmy Kimmel Stages Epic Friends Reunion: Look Who Showed Up!

We may need to wait forever for a Mean Girls reunion. To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK

And a Full House remake may or may not ever take place.

But Jimmy Kimmel made the dreams of many viewers come true last night when he and three special guests staged an epic Friends reunion.

The comedian started the segment by saying he had written some fan fiction and then asking Jennifer Aniston to reenact with him… on a version of the sitcom set his crew constructed.

Enter Courteney Cox. Enter Lisa Kudrow. Enter a request for Aniston to don a Rachel wig (denied!). And enter a skit that will go down in the annals of talk show history, one that both pays tribute to Friends and mocks certain aspects of it.

You MUST watch this now:

Ah, memories.

Friends premiered 20 years ago next month and simulations of the coffee shop Central Perk will soon appear in New York City in celebration.

Kurdrow, however, will not be stopping by at them to play “Smelly Cat.” Sorry.15 Terrible, Horrible Uses of Photoshop: Check Out Kate Upton’s Armpit!

When it comes to beauty and body image, no one is as heavily to blame for society’s unrealistic standards as the fashion and modeling industries and those who wield the almighty Photoshop tools.

(And Barbie, but that’s another story…)

One thing’s for sure when it comes to Photoshop: NO ONE IS SAFE. Not even our BFF Jennifer Lawrence! NOT EVEN BABIES! Yes, this goes beyond glossy magazines.

Even adorable, cute, amazing, giggling little babies who just want to drool on their bibs and chew their feet aren’t off limits from advertisers. Case in point:

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That baby is actually TWO babies. WHAT THE WHAT?

From shaving off women’s inner legs to create a thigh gap to jacking with Kate Upton’s armpit to adding clothes to kids in the yearbook, maybe, just maybe, it’s time to put down the e-paintbrush.

Let’s just be real. Yes, even you, Kim Kardashian.

ESPN’s Michael Sam Coverage Creates Controversy, Prompts Backlash From Teammates

Football history was made back in May when Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, making him the first openly gay man selected in an NFL draft.

There was immediate backlash from homophobic fans who complained when television coverage showed Sam kissing his boyfriend after receiving news that he’d been chosen by the Rams.

Now, it seems the pendulum has swung in the other direction, as supporters of Sam and LGBT rights are complaining that ESPN is devoting too much time and attention to Sam’s sexual preference.

Following a SportsCenter report in which correspondent Josina Anderson stated that Sam is “respecting the space” of his teammates by showering privately, Twitter exploded with criticism, and Rams defensive end Chris Long led the charge:

“Dear ESPN,” Long tweeted. “Everyone but you is over it.”

ESPN has since defended its coverage in an official statement, claiming, “In response to recent questions about Sam fitting in with the team, multiple Rams brought up the shower topic and we relayed the information as part of our reporting.”

Sam has yet to respond to the questionable coverage. He’s scheduled to make his regular season debut on September 7 in a game against the Minnesota Vikings.

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