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:: Google have a Blog – on it Jonathan Rosenberg has posted about guidelines Google are introducing regarding Spyware and Malware and 먹튀검증커뮤니티 firms that without your permission secretly download allsorts of shit onto your computer – and that’s putting it politely.

The UK National Lottery is on a triple rollover.

The Jackpot now stands at £21.5 million.

4 million lottery gambling tickets per hour are going today – like hot-cakes.

Gamblog comment :. MINE!

1010 WINS Report Donald Trump’s financially troubled casino company will make good on a critical $73.1 million bond payment this week, company officials said Wednesday.

Tribes Find That Casino Wealth Can Leave Trail Of Resentment

:: The home of the once-destitute tribe that built the world’s biggest casino now resembles an upscale suburb like East Amherst. Members of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe live in gigantic new homes amid hilly woods, with Hummers sitting in many driveways. The former home of a tribal leader, is now on display in the tribe’s glitzy $193.4 million museum.

:: The Pequots aren’t the only tribe to make big money on gambling. Since Indian casinos were legalized in 1988, the federal government says, Indian gambling has grown into a $14.5 billion a year industry.

♠ But with money comes complication.

Lets take the piss out of Dwain Chambers daily

Dwain Chambers – the UK sprint star who was banned from Olympic Competition for life for the use of tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) has been on the tele in Gordon Ramsay’s – (not Ramsey) – reality TV programme Hells Kitchen

♠ Well – he left last night saying the abuse was too much which for me is not something I am willing to knock the guy for. I like Gordon Ramsey but let’s have it right – he is a rude man and probably arguably an over pushy taskmaster.

Dwain also said that he has been training all his life in 4 hour bursts and then sleeping – therefore finding it very difficult indeed to work for long stints. Knock the truth if you want – I won’t be joining you.

Dwain in my opinion trained under the watchful eye of a coach acredited as a trainer of good standing by the American Athletics powers that be and it is they that should take a long hard look at their system of licencing coaches.

♠ Okay Dwain must have found it odd that he was having apparent injections under the tongue every day, but who is he to question an honoured and licenced coach of such high standing? I bet he even asked and the coach flashed his acreditation card and pooh poohed Dwain’s questions.

Dwain Chambers has been harshly treated in my opinion and should be ALLOCATED a respected trainer/coach by the powers that be who banned him and let the boy run.

:. Why licence trainers or coaches and then tell athletes they can be held solely responsible for disreputable coaches actions they okayed?

:: Can you say take the piss?

::: Well let the boy run and take the piss out of him every day – just to check the coach is on the up and up – not just the athlete.

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