Get the CD and Download the Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya Casino

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Casino TechSo you’ve found a new casino and you’re asking yourself, “Should I go for the download or order the CD?” My answer is, “Yes.”

Confused? Don’t be, because I’m saying you should go for both. On the one hand, who wants to wait for weeks and weeks while the CD makes its way to you via snail-mail? Not me! Hit that Download button!

On the other hand … well, there are a lot of things on the other hand.

The first and foremost is that the CD will almost certainly have the full-blown casino package, and that means all the games and multimedia they offer.

Secondly, you’ll get the extra goodies such as videos on how to deposit and withdraw, interactive How To Play training videos for your favorite games, and so on.

Finally, the CD is something you can pull out at any time you need to. Like when little Billy figures out the Delete button and spends the afternoon using it while you’re watching your neighbor mow the lawn.

Will you remember where that casino download file is six months from now? I’ll bet you won’t.

You might be tempted to say, “Yeah, but if I download I’ll get the latest software. Who knows how old that CD is?”

My answer to that is, “Who cares?” Most Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya casino software gets updated so often these days that you’ll need to run the Update option on your software right after you install it anyway. This is just as true for the download package as it is for the CD, so just get the CD and the peace of mind.

Another plus of having the CD is that you can pass it on to your friends if you think they’d be into it. I can pretty much promise you that the package you download won’t fit onto a floppy disk, so you can’t pass it on that way.

You could burn a CD if you really wanted to, but in most cases you’ll be hard pressed to find the Download file in the first place. You’ll probably be violating a copyright law, too. And your CD will look crappy while the casino’s CD will almost certainly be a professional job.

Okay, now that I’ve sold you on getting both the Download and the CD you’re probably wondering what to do with the CD once you get it – assuming you’ve already got the download package installed.

My advice is to put it in your CD player, have a look at the multimedia goodies on it (those training videos and such) and then toss it in your drawer for that rainy day.

Or you can give it to little Billy to chew on. Sure, that’ll make it tough to pass on to your neighbor after he’s done mowing the lawn but at least it’ll keep Billy away from that Delete key for a while.

All the News That’s Fit to Print

Here are some of the stories that have been making news in the world of online gambling over the last few days. site is Relaunched

Rank Interactive Gaming Ltd. is relaunching the no-download interactive gaming site.

The site offers both free and pay-to-play games, and offers the largest single jackpot in the U.K. at £500,000 (about US$710,000). Players can currently choose from a series of keno, slots, and dice games; more games will likely be introduced in the near future.

Will Hill Ups the Ante

Bookmaker William Hill is planning to launch a takeover bid of Coral Eurobet in a move that would make it the largest sports betting company in the U.K.

Will Hill may have some competition, as there are talks that Ladbrokes is also planning to make a bid for Coral. The company is expected to sell for somewhere around £750 million.

E-gaming is Popular at Ladbrokes

U.K. bookmaker, Ladbrokes, has just reported that its online gaming sites are becoming increasingly popular with customers and now account for nine percent of the company’s turnover.

More than 260,000 customers in 160 countries visited and during 2001. According to parent company, Hilton Group, the online sportsbook attracts new bettors, who then go on to play at Ladbrokes’ Internet casino.

Horseshoe Teams up with Chartwell

Horseshoe Gaming, which is owned by gaming magnate Jack Binion, has signed a deal with Chartwell Technologies of Calgary to develop the play-for-fun online casino site.

The new site is designed to be an integral component of Horseshoe’s emerging Internet strategy, which is backed by land-based hotels and casinos in several U.S. states.

Golden Palace’s Ink Stays

Golden Palace scored a victory last week when a Clark County, Nevada District Court judge gave the green light for the casino to advertise with temporary tattoos.

The Nevada Athletic Commission had ruled on February 13 that boxers were prohibited from wearing temporary henna tattoos in the ring, saying that they were distracting to officials and demeaning to the sport.

Golden Palace officials were pleased with the temporary restraining order, calling it a victory for free speech. The court will reconvene on March 7 to decide whether to issue a preliminary injunction that would allow all boxers to wear tattoo ads in Nevada bouts.