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Dr. Joel Rookwood: World Togel Singapore Cup 2010 – Four Games in Four Days



The three amigos landed in Johannesburg, amidst the familiar fusion of exhaustion and anticipation. Mick had traveled to South Africa with what can only be described as a fringe, Danny had come with a desire to talk to every fan, man, woman, child and animal he encountered, and I had entered with a vague itinerary, sketched out and shaped by the in-flight perusal of the guide book purchased en route to the airport.


From the moment we stepped off the plane the sun shone with relentless consistency, and the enthusiasm on the streets was palpable. Early Togel Singapore evidence suggested that the gracious hosts were even more excited than their visitors, the (in)famous Vuvuzela serving as the definitive mode of expression.





13th June – our first day in South Africa – signalled a painful farewell to my twenties. I was keen to commiserate with football and beer, and the Ghana v Serbia match in nearby Pretoria provided the likeliest opportunity. The only congratulations were due to FIFA, both for sanctioning the sale of ale in World Cup stadia, and for inadvertently shaping the black market by offering the cheapest tickets to South Africans. Wedged into an embarrassingly undersized hire car, we headed north in search of tickets. After a futile trip to the nonsensical centrally located ticket office, we progressed towards the Loftus Versfeld stadium, where we effortlessly secured a trio of adjacent seats at near face value. It was a promising start to the tournament.


The Serbians had been tipped to go far in the competition, but on the evidence of their first game they are unlikely to qualify from Group D. The Ghanaians were not particularly impressive either, although they undoubtedly deserved their goal with which they secured victory. A certain banner proclaiming ‘THOSE SCOUSERS GET EVERYWHERE’ provided the backdrop to the decisive penalty kick. Slow motion repeats were beamed around the world to emphasise the point.


World Cup 2010.



In the stands the Serbs were few in number and unwavering in their collective refusal to smile. By contrast the Ghanaians were the polar opposite, plentiful, colourful, vocal and cheerful. Having spent a memorable fortnight following Ghana around the African Nations tournament they hosted in 2008, it was a pleasure to re-acquaint myself with both the impressive and the senseless elements of West African fandom.


Spanning both categories, the fan with a smoking pot the size of a football resting on his head unsurprisingly drew some confused gazes. After the game we stumbled upon a fan fest, where Mick proudly displayed his Tony and Gay haircut, asking everyone he saw for their opinion – in incomprehensible Scouse. Meanwhile Danny spoke to representatives of a dozen countries from Mexico to Australia. None of them understood Mick and none of them liked his haircut.


World Cup 2010.


The following day we headed back to Jo’burg, intent on seeing Holland play Denmark at the impressive World Cup final venue. We arrived at Soccer City a minute before kick off, but were still confident of picking up another triplet of face value tickets. Supply vastly outstrips demand at this World Cup. Minutes later, we sauntered into the ground that Mick described as ‘the spaceship from District 9’, in time to see Liverpool duo Daniel Agger and Dirk Kuyt head in the game’s only goals. Unfortunately for the Dane, his landed in his own net, and with that the Dutch took the points.


World Cup 2010.


With the characteristically balanced British media representation of South Africa’s alleged social problems seeping through our consciousness, we were keen to minimise the risk-taking during the rest of the day in Jo’burg. So we headed to a shopping mall to purchase something vaguely edible, and of course, a football.


Four yards later Danny was in deep conversation with two Argentineans, and a South African lady had put a smile on Mick’s face with false claims of liking his hair. When he returned from cloud nine an impromptu game of piggy in the middle started.


Once Mick had realised the limitations of the game as a two-player event, he encouraged the involvement of various intrigued bystanders. Two hours later we finally lost the ball thanks to a misguided header from Mick’s quiff, signalling the end of a memorable experience.


Players from five continents representing various levels of inebriation, ability, hairstyles and political persuasions had completely taken over a corner of the shopping mall. When new players asked where we were from we simply replied ‘the United Nations’. The chances of the game being stopped were limited by the exuberant participation of the mall’s two security guards, whose brief probably included preventing such activities. This was South Africa at its best.



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Win Match Tickets and Signed Shirts – England Team sponsors Nationwide Building Society are offering England Fans the chance to become the Nationwide England Fan of the Week.


By simply uploading a picture of Keluaran HK themselves supporting the England Team to both in the run up to and during the World Cup, fans can win a range of great England prizes.




The Nationwide England Fan of the Week will be randomly drawn every Monday until the end of the World Cup. Prizes for winning fans include match tickets to England v Mexico, signed England shirts and other England goodies.


  1. League Results 10-11 April 2010


Shimizu S-Pulse 5 Vegalta Sendai 1

Vissel Kobe 0 Montedio Yamagata 2


Saturday 10 April


Albirex Niigata 0 Urawa Reds 2

FC Tokyo 1 Kashima Antlers 1

Kyoto Sanga 0, Nagoya Grampus 2

Omiya Ardija 1 Gamba Osaka 3

Sanfrecce Hiroshima 0 Kawasaki Frontale 3

Shonan Bellmare 0 Jubilo Iwata 0

Yokohama F Marinos 0 Cerezo Osaka 0


J.League Table


Shimizu S-Pulse P 6 Pts 14

Urawa Reds P 6 Pts 13

Kawasaki Frontale P 6 Pts 13

Nagoya Grampus P 5 Pts 12

Kashima Antlers P 6 Pts 11

Vegalta Sendai P 6 Pts 10


Leading Scorers


Shoki Hirai, Gamba Osaka 5

Ryang Yong Gi, Vegalta Sendai 4

Chong Tese, Kawasaki Frontale 4


Liverpool V Benfica – Dr Joel Rookwood


The red half of Merseyside is finally beginning to warm to the Europa League. It may be the last competition Liverpool wanted to win when the campaign kicked off in August, but with all other possibilities severed, the consolation cup is looking an increasingly attractive proposition. Its Channel 5 broadcasting, Thursday matches, multiple officials, stupid kick off times and involvement of Everton have not done wonders for its reputation amongst the Premier League’s elite. Yet no team has won it four times, with three-time winners Liverpool now favourites to do just that in Hamburg on May 12th. Cue cheekily edited prophetic banner:


Following a dismal Champions League campaign, relegation to the Europa League saw forgettable ties against Hungarian minnows and French also-rans. But in Portuguese league leaders Benfica, the quarter-final presented Liverpool with a first real European test of 2010. Despite losing the away leg, the tie was evenly balanced at 2-1. The once legendary Lisbon outfit had annoyed Liverpool supporters with the manner of victory in the Stadium of Light however, and so when they travelled to the Ground of Noise, the away team and their supporters were dealt a lesson or two. Where eagles dare, Scousers drown. It was not simply off the pitch that Anfield impressed however. Benitez’s side were simply sublime on it. Benfica were the side Liverpool would have wanted to avoid in the draw, but having been pitted against a very good Portuguese side, Liverpool controlled the match throughout. A brave header from every blind girl’s pin-up hunk Dirk Kuyt gave Liverpool a deserved lead.


Kopites rubbed their eyes six minutes later as what can only be described as Lucas Leiva effortlessly rounded Julio Cesar to double Liverpool’s advantage. The second half however was all about one man: Fernando Torres. He finished off a move that began in the arms of Pepe Reina and featured the majestic Mascherano, the brilliant Benayoun and the Klipspringer Kuyt. Five passes from goal to goal. A subsequent Cardozo freekick threatened to alter the complexion of the tie but Torres’s second goal twelve minutes later rendered the Paraguayan’s effort consolatory, ensuring Liverpool’s passage to the semi-final in the process. Liverpool will now travel to the Vicente Calderon where Torres will face his boyhood heroes in the Spanish capital. It was not the Madrid fixture we dreamt of, but overcoming Athletico would secure a third European final in Benitez’s sixth season as Liverpool manager. Going one step further and beating probable opponents Hamburg in their own ground would make Liverpool the most successful UEFA Cup (sic) team in history. Domestic failures cannot be dismissed with this prospect, but it does at least demand a reframed perspective. Unfazed, Benitez walks on.





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Beckham to turn back on American Keluaran HK soccer revolution



The majority of the footballing world was put into a state of shock when in 2007 David Beckham announced that he was move to American side LA Galaxy. Many questioned whether Golden Balls any longer had any football motivations other than continuing his flagging England career when the global superstar made the move. Although few Keluaran HK could deny that it would have been difficult for anyone to turn down the amount of money Beckham was being offered, with some reports suggesting as much as $250,000-a-week.


When the Galaxy brought in Becks talk was rife that the MLS may soon be in competition with the NFL and the NBA, with soccer replacing baseball as America’s national sport. However that may have been a slight over sight because the wave of top quality European footballers who were expected to come in and boost the quality of American soccer hasn’t happened. Neither has soccer become the American sweetheart of sport across the pond.


On the field LA Galaxy haven’t been the soccer sensation that many had hoped, making the play-offs once since Beckham came to the club and even then being knocked out by the Chicago Fire as the football betting was turned on its head.


It was only Beckham who realised that he wasn’t going to be the messiah everyone had expected, acknowledging that soccer would never overtake American football or baseball despite the media coverage of the former England captains move. Now it seems that Becks has given up on his American revolution, much to the apparent disgust of his wife, and is finally going to head back to Europe and play football once again rather than soccer.


Beckham finally acknowledged that he wanted to leave the Galaxy after Wednesday’s friendly against Rangers, seemingly fed up with the Hollywood lifestyle and intent on keeping his place in the England side for the 2010 World Cup. Becks’ chances of pulling on the three lions jersey at a major competition again were faltering fast but since arriving at the San Siro things have begun to look up


AC Milan have received a much needed boost since the arrival of the former Man Utd and Real Madrid midfielder, having done so well that Carlo Ancelotti feels he can boost his sides football odds for the Uefa Cup by including him in squad for their next round tie with Werder Bremen, despite Beckham’s loan being scheduled to finish at the beginning of March. No one expected Beckham to be the on field the success he has been, with many suggesting that Becks had been brought in to boost the Rossoneri’s shirt sales.


Now it appears as though Beckham could stay on for the remainder of the Serie A season and potentially beyond that despite L.A Galaxy’s protests. So it appears as though Beckham will be leaving soccer in the U.S. in a similar state to the one he found and instead take one last crack at the big time with Milan.




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AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS – Only Pkv fools and camels



After 11 days of non-stop football, at last a break. I Pkv used the opportunity to head for the pyramids, and also take in the Sufi dancing. The Sufi’s follow a Muslim mystic order who spin and whirl to attain a trance like state, it reminded me off defenders who have come up against Eto’o in this competition.


Giza pyramids lie just 8km south west of Cairo and are reached by a dual carriageway that runs right past them. Not content with just driving up to them I opted to take the classic approach and went to hire a camel for the day. As with everything in Egypt the price seems to be negotiable and there are always hidden extras. As well as this baksheesh is expected at every turn for even the smallest of service. The price was agreed and during the course of the trip extras were added. More money was required for entry to the pyramids, then for the guide and the boys looking after the camel. By now I am well aware that the Egyptian salesmen will never give you the full story and will always be looking for more money. The police at Giza could be seen openly counting their takings for the day from what appeared to be on the spot fines for cutting corners and causing damage to the monuments.


It has been the same with asking directions. The standard reply is that wherever you ask to go you will need a taxi. In some cases this may well be true. But in a number of cases the intended destination has been a five minute walk away. Even if you ask for the mini-bus station for the local bus they will deny that their is one, until you point one out.


The art of the salesman is demonstrated in every walk of life. Everyone is looking for their cut. Whenever anything is being sold without a price the Egyptians will ask for what we think is a fair price. Bearing in mind that some people work for the equivalent of 15 British pounds, this is understandable, and chances are that what we offer is a kings ransom. One of the many other ploys frequently used is that they will never have any change. There are times when I think I am getting used to life her for example when I am congratulated for having exactly the right amount of money in my hand to pay. The reason they are so happy is that it is too much.


Being aware of these facts I went off to more Pyramids at Dashur and Saqqara. These are around 35km from Cairo and everyone recommends taking a taxi. I took the metro to the end of the line and wandered round the streets of Helwan. It was a pleasant change as I was totally ignored by the locals unlike everywhere else I have been. Using the multi lingual skills I have acquired over the years I pointed out what I would like for breakfast from a bakers. (Still need to work on my numbers as I asked for 2 fig rolls and got eight.)


Now I needed a taxi as the pyramids were still 10km away and they cover a vast site. Decided to ensure that the driver spoke English so I could be confident that he would wait for me. After 10 minutes I eventually found a driver for the day, Salah warmly greeted me and we set off. Five minutes down the road he had to stop to ask for directions. I realised he had never been here before and invited him to join me at the first pyramid. He gladly accepted, although I think he changed his mind during our trip inside. The pharaohs of Egypt are to be respected and have ensured that everyone who visits them bows, by making the passage to their tomb around a metre high. Crouched down we descended the 63 metres and 118 steps . I looked back up the shaft to see he had stopped and was gasping for breath. Worried that firstly I might need to carry him out and secondly that I might lose my driver for the day I told him to stay where he was and return if it was too much. We emerged unscathed but that was the last time he came with me.


The next pyramid was a more remote sight, and there were only the tourist police in evidence. One mounted on a camel and the other calling over to me asking if I wanted help. He told me all about the pyramid and its surroundings and then asked if I wanted to ride the police camel. Can you imagine at home, you get to the match early, there is no one about and the mounted policeman offers you a ride on his horse! Of course I took him up on this offer and rode round the pyramids while the police with gun in hand ensured I did not make off for the desert. I had the necessary small change and left my baksheesh as the police held their finger to their mouth so that I told no-one!


Another experience was being led to a papyrus shop where in open conversation my host came out with “luvverly, jubberly” during his sales patter. Somewhat taken aback by this I looked out side for the reliant robin, but it was no where to be seen.





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Egli Stakes Claim For Korean Qiu Qiu Online Job



Andy Egli recently resigned from K-League club Busan I’Park after a year in South Korea. That experience didn’t put the ex-Switzerland international defender and FC Thun coach off the country however and, as he told Soccerphile’s John Duerden, he wants to become the next coach of the South Korean national team.


You left Busan over a month ago. Why did you resign?


There were two main reasons. First of all, the results were not that good. Secondly, there were too many differences with the management of the club and I couldn’t continue like that. I offered to resign and after thinking about it for a week, they decided to accept my resignation. That was Ok for me.


What kind of differences?


I don’t want to go into specifics. In any relationship with any people –friends, couples, it is the same thing. With the management of the group, the development of the group, eventually, you have to decide whether to stay together, to try and find a compromise or to stop.


Were any problems regarding the departure of Brazilian players Popo and Somalia?


Not at all. Of course, there were a lot of questions regarding the improvement of the squad and the quality of the squad. There was not one reason.


If you had a chance again, what would you do differently?


This is the kind of question I don’t like. You can’t make the same situation happen twice. I would like to return to Korea because it is a very interesting country in football. I have no problems with the mentality of the people, with dealing with things. I would welcome the opportunity for a new challenge in Korea.


What kind of job would you like?


On a federation level or professional club level there are always possibilties. If there are people who want to build something with a lot of will, determination and patience and passion then I would be delighted.


When you mention federation, you are talking about the national team?


Verbeek has quit. I don’t know the thoughts of the KFA, how they want to deal with the challenges with coaching Korea. I have sent an application to the KFA because when I heard that Verbeek resigned, I wanted to them to know that I would really like the job.


If you have an interview, one question would be about the fact that when you left Busan were next-to-bottom in the league, how can you persuade people in Korea that you can be a good national team coach?


During that year in Busan I proved that I am able to build up the structure within a club and help develop tactical aspects. I think people enjoyed watching Busan play. The results were not as good as we expected but the football we played was exciting. We tried to go forward and we coached the players in a way that they could easily improve.


I think that it was just a question of time Qiu Qiu Online to see the results that everybody expected. People who came to watch Busan in Busan or anywhere else saw a team that tried to go forward and this is the way for all Korean teams to improve.


What are the problems of the national team and how would you solve them?


In the Asian Cup, the number of players that were not there was important. Statistically, there were three games with no goals. It is obvious what the problem is. It is also a K-League problem, Korean players have to improve in the box, they have to take attacking positions. Compared to the highest levels in Europe and South America, they are not that good. I think over the next years, coaches in Korea have to work on those things.


Koreans can defend well but this shouldn’t take away from the team’s attacking capabilities. A good balance between defending effectively and attacking in a way to create chances and socre goals is what they need.


That’s quite general. Is there anything specific you would change quickly that would help the national team?


The tournament showed that Korea could have won the semi-final and final on penalties. If Korea would have won for the first time in 47 years, then anybody would have been happy.


In the short term, you can’t change. It’s constant work, coaching, supporting players, in order to give them self-confidence that they can take good positions at the highest level. It is a process that will not change today or tomorrow.


Korean football in general and individual players will continue to improve and they will win the Asian Cup again, the next World Cup they can get good result. The condition is that they continue to work on their coaching skills and their mental skills and a lot of work in both penalty boxes.




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AFC Mess It Up Again Toto Sgp




Few people, maybe even the eventual winner Hamad Al Montashari, have happy memories of the fiasco that was 2005 Asian Player of the Year award. The Asian Football Confederation certainly doesn’t as it nominated ten players for the shortlist only to remove most of them when it became apparent that they would not be able to attend the awards ceremony – leaving the sheepish Saudi defender to hold the trophy.


After that debacle, it was reassuring to read the sentence below on the confederations official homepage regarding the 2006 version.


“The eligibility criteria for selecting the best player of Toto Sgp Asia has undergone a major and scientific revision, and the winner will be chosen on the basis of a weighted ranking system which takes into account performances at AFC tournaments, and key UEFA and FIFA tournaments.”


In a busy international year with Asian players involved in such FIFA and UEFA tournaments as the World Cup, Champions League and UEFA Cups as well as domestic leagues and the Asian Champions League, there were dozens of names to choose from. It must have been an unenviable task.


But the AFC did it.


The people that run Asian football have managed to make an even bigger mess than the one they created last year. At least in 2005 there was some logic to their decision, misguided and bizarre though it was, but the list released yesterday defies belief.


1) Badr Al Mutawa (Kuwait and Al Qadsiya)


2) Essa Al Mahiyani (Saudi Arabia and Al Wehda – Saudi)


3) Fahed Attal (Palestine)


4) Hawar Mulla Mohamed (Iraq and Apollon, Cyprus)


5) Ibraguim Rabimov (Tajikistan and Regar-Tadaz)


6) Ismael Matar (UAE and Al Wahda – UAE)


7) Khalfan Ibrahim (Qatar and Al Sadd)


8) Lionel Lewis (Singapore and Home United)


9) Mohamed Al Shlhoub (Saudi Arabia and Al Hilal)


10) Younis Mahmood (Iraq and Al Gharafa)


It should be pointed out that the nominees are all fine players but even the two Iraqis, two Saudi Arabians, one Tajikistani, one Qatari, one Kuwait, one Palestinian and the representatives from Singapore and UAE, must be wondering what is going on.


According to the AFC’s criteria, the nominees are decided partly on “key UEFA and FIFA tournaments”.


None of the players nominated have any experience at such tournaments (one Saudi nominee made the plane but not the pitch in Germany) but there are plenty of others who do. Plenty of Japanese, Koreans, Iranians and Australians who pitted themselves against the likes of Brazil, Italy, France and Portugal just five months ago but they have been mystifyingly ignored.


Perhaps the ten players nominated all achieved more than Tim Cahill who scored twice in Germany, cemented his place as one of the most accomplished midfielders in the Premier League and was nominated for the prize of European Footballer of the Year. If that is the case, the AFC needs to explain how.


Shunsuke Nakamura helped Celtic to a league title, scored at the World Cup and the Champions League but is apparently not worthy of a mention. Koreans in England such as Park Ji-sung, Lee Young-pyo and Seol Ki-hyeon have performed in the Premier League and in Germany. Iran’s Javad Nekounam became the first Iranian to play in Spain and Andranik Teymourian followed his impressive World Cup with a move to the Premier League.


It seems that despite what the AFC says, performances at FIFA or UEFA tournaments had no bearing at all on the selection, as all the players just mentioned have more experience in such competitions that any of the ten nominated.


Perhaps the answer lies in the criteria that states “performances at AFC Toto Sgp tournaments” – the biggest of which in 2006 was the Asian Champions League – to be a factor.


It is strange then that in a confederation where the semi-finalists of the competition make up the four-strong list for ‘team of the year’ that not one player from winners Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, even the star of the tournament Yeom Ki-hoon makes the list. The young winger recovered from a serious automobile accident to break into the national team and help drive Jeonbuk to the continental title but is absent as are any players from runners-up Al Karama.


Of all the Asian players who made it past the first round of the continental competition, only one, Kuwait’s Badr Al Mutawa, finds himself in the running.


If it isn’t performances at the World Cup, in Europe or the AFC Champions League which determine selection then perhaps it is performances at the domestic level.


It is surprising then that not one player from three of Asia’s strongest domestic leagues – the C, J and K – makes the list.


China’s Li Jinyu and Zheng Zhi excelled in Shandong Luneng’s romp to the title. In the J-League, Marcus Tulio Tanaka has been a rock for Urawa Reds and Ryuji Bando has been prolific for Gamba Osaka. In Korea, Lee Chun-soo scored once at the World Cup and six times in three games in the East Asian Champions Cup.


It is impossible to select all of these fine players mentioned but not to nominate a single one is another worrying misjudgement by the people in charge of Asian football, one to go with 2005 and the decision to select four co-hosts for the 2007 Asian Cup.


Using the AFC’s own criteria, many players not nominated have greater claim to the prize than many of those who are.


The Asian Football Confederation needs to explain the reasoning behind the decision if it is to salvage any of its fast disappearing credibility.…

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Acronym for Slot Online Poker Hands



Plenty of Togel Singapore names are connected with game of poker with incursion of new players in to middle of the road of this game. You have to make certain, a lot of gathering of list of pseudonyms for having a go at the time of captivating opportunity for clearing a range of brainteaser in this game. Landscapes are opened for constant fittings right from the casino stage as well as captivating bounty of opportunities for the objective of lashing growth and wealth. Certain problems are also there which need to be tackled for example make sense of or interpret some code talk which is being spoken for the objective of guarantee a lot of pseudonyms for the intention of motivating enlargement in proper track.


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You can even name by definite names for Togel Singapore instance AK47, Omaha with constructive bent of mind to provide appropriate pseudonyms to organize these categories as double scheckies because of the actuality of beyond comparison Bob Sheckman’s first love for becoming craze of being a double appropriate gentleman came his way. On the site of Texas only hold’em which has remained different scrupulous tests of earning plethora of pseudonyms with a squeeze of success has earned trustworthiness. Other different pseudonyms are there which can be specified or give for example fishhooks, doggie balls, snowmen, Canadian rockets, sunset strip, presto, cowboys, crabs, route 66, and ducks, and Canadian presto, big slicks etc.


Another case of J4 by the suggestion of name John Austin Squatty, Togel Singapore is also there, which provides seascape of success on his love and his behavior or practice for captivating a bunch of postures while playing the games. This also facilitates appealing good benefits of acting as influential of multiplicity of players to give them source of stimulations or inspirations for success after success. These may come in flourishing measures with the intention of getting the success without smidgen of salt. There was another name known as Kid Grenade which made them pay with a accountability to go down several moments with a crooked of mind of complete employment as in general as J4.


To finish off, pseudonyms can be dissimilar or varied in style and character. You have to have an appropriate approach for arranging the game with the intention of growth and prosperity in terms of dollars.…

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Agen taruhan Slot Online – Seedorf Akan Bertukar tempat Allegri



Daripada hadirnya banyak ledekan yang hadir yang tercelik daripada banyak kalangan buat bisa menciptakan AC Milan hengkang dr martabat pelatihannya, Massimiliano Allegri. & hingga momen ini atas tolakan tersebut yang telah dijalani sambil Allegri tanpa hentinya. Dirinya yg juga sudah di tanggap utk sedang tidak berhasil untuk memanggul AC Milan siap beraksi dengan persekutuan yang ada di papan kepada Serie A.test1


Selama di gulirnya atas tempo awal Serie A Italia yang sampai tatkala itu telah memasuki di minggu yg ke 11 ataupun pertemuan yg ke 11, kubu dr I Rossoneri itu yg hanya dapat berkompetisi beserta team yg berasal dari papan tengah klasemen dengan melihat peringkat ke 10 beserta perolehan nilai yang sebesar 12 poin banyaknya.


Lebihnya dr saat tersebut, di salah satu aksi Liga Champions pertarungan dalam semua pertahanan Eropa itu, I Rossoneri yg baru slot online saja mendapatkan keruntuhan di dalam kesempatan yang ketiganya juga mendapat skor kesudahan 3-1. Dgn posisi seperti tersebut justru bakal luar biasa merunyamkan dr strategi I Rossoneri itu untuk majukan kakinya pergi ke ke bagian 16 besar makin susah saja.


Ibarat yg udah di katakan pada news La Republica dalam hari Jumat 8 November silam. Pada sebutkan dari bagian koalisi yg udah temukan atas pengganti sapa yang mampu mendatang jadi suksesor Allegri. & sosok yang telah di dipilih ini kelak hendak siap jalankan arahan tersebut yakni salahsatu sosok yg tak asing dalam AC Milan.


Sosok itu ialah Clarence Seedorf, salah satu tokoh yang silam udah sempat buat bersama dengan AC Milan yang hasilnya berhenti pergi ke ke klub asal Negara brazil, Botafogo. Sebagaimana yang sudah di kabarkan di sumber yg tetap, di sebutkan bahwa kelompok klub dan juga Seedorf yg sudah memproduksi sebuah perjanjian pra komitmen buat mampu mengoper peranan atas Allegri sendiri dalam puncak musim mendatang, dikutip oleh taruhan bola online indonesia.


88tangkas – Musnahkan Fulham 4-0, Liverpool Tempel Arsenal pada Puncak Klasemen


bolatangkas gratis – Luis Suarez tampil super dan menciptakan 2 gol buat membawa Liverpool menang 4-0 buat Fulham di tambahan Premier League di Anfield, Sabtu (9/11/2013). Gara-gara Suarez, Liverpool berjaya menumpang Arsenal pada tertinggi klasemen Premier League.test1


Luis Suarez berlaku kepada tercetaknya gol pembuka keunggulan Liverpool dalam menit ke-23. Sundulan ke gawang Fulham menyambut sasaran samping Steven Gerrard lulus mengenai Fernando Amorebieta sebelum condong masuk.


Penyerang berjulukan El Pistolero itu mengeraskan posisi jadi 3-0 pada menit ke-36 setelah mengambil sasaran terobosan Jordan Henderson. Poin ini plus menghasilkan Suarez selaku pemain kedua Liverpool setelah Dirk Kuyt (Maret-Mei 2011) yang sanggup meraih gol untuk 4 duel kurungan Liverpool di Premier League. Suarez menghasilkan gol dua-duanya di menit ke-54, sekali lalu gol keempat di dalam duel tersebut selepas manamatkan sasaran Steven Gerrard menggunakan sepakan kaki kanan atas sela sempit.


Martin Skrtel mendermakan gol saat menit ke-26 dengan perantara sundulan usai menerima sepakan penjuru Steven Gerrard.


Kelakuan heroik Suarez menggiring Liverpool bertambah mendekati Arsenal daripada tahapan ke-2 klasemen sementara. Saat itu The Reds ada di rangking ke-2 dengan 23 poin atas 11 perkelahian. Berbeda skor Liverpool dengan Arsenal cuma berbeda 2 poin.…

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Betting on tennis has become very popular in the past few years, and that is mostly because of the TV’s coverage of tennis and possibly because there are only two possible outcomes when talking about placing wagers on tennis. It runs the whole year from January to the end of November with the WTA and ATP Tours. It is not at all surprising that most of the bookmakers in tennis offer a massive range of match options. However, for you to place a successful bet with a chance of winning, like in every other sports event, you first need to understand basic bet types. This article will cover everything you need to know about placing bets in tennis.


Match Winner Markets: since these are the simplest bets, most of the gamblers prefer placing wagers on this bet. To put it simply, here you will be betting that one of the tennis players will win this round and advance to the next round. When you bet on the favored player and you win the bet, you will get less money than if you would to win a bet on the underdogs. However, online bookmakers have different ways (betting rules) when it comes to how should they settle the bets on a certain game if the matches are not fully completed because of the players retirement. It is very important for you to pay attention to the rules of every bookmaker so you can choose the one with the right policy.


Handicap Markets: this bet is valuable if you intend to bet on the player who is heavily favored over his opponent. The bookmakers will offer the handicap to oppose the difference in the player’s ability which will level out the match. The goal of the bookmakers is to make a handicap, that can also be called a line, which will give better chances for either of the players winning (when considering the handicap) as close to as 50%. To determine the outcome of the game and for the purpose of the bet, the handicap will be taken in account of the final score. This will basically mean that you will be betting on one of the tennis players to beat the other, but with a certain handicap applied.


What is great about these markets is that they can increase your winnings when you are placing a bet on the favorite that is expected to win and also they can make a profit from placing a bet on an outsider, without the need for that player to actually win that match just as long as their scores are close. There are 2 different handicap bets that can be related to betting on tennis matches, those are: Game Handicaps and Sets Handicaps.


Game Handicaps: usually one of the players, which will more frequently be the outsider, will receive few games advantages plus the handicap. This is done so that the differences in quality can be countered for both players. This handicap will be put into the final score, and it will determine the game’s outcome, for the bet. The player who won more matches with the handicap is going to be the winner of the bet, even if he did not win the game.


If there is such a scenario where the total number of games is being used for the handicap, then that handicap will be adjusted so that the final score will be able to result in a draw and both of the players could actually win the same number of games. If this happens, all of the bets will be canceled and you will be able to get your original wager back since there is no winner.


Sets Handicaps: this is another thing that the bookmakers will offer you, and just like the game’s handicaps it works in the same way, but it uses the number of the sets that are won by each of the players instead of the amount of the games.


For example, In the match between Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal if the online bookmaker offers odds of 1.730 on Murray (which is +1,5 sets) and 2,260 on Nadal (which is -1,5 sets), then if by any chance Nadal is the winner of the game by 7-6 6-2, then he will cover the handicap and all of the bets on him will be won.


Set Betting: with this JBO VIETNAM wager you have to predict the exact outcome of the future tennis match, which will be based on sets won by each of the players. This is a good way if you want to boost your profit since you will usually be offered much better odds here than you would be offered on the winner of the match. Most of the tournaments will have the best-out-of-three-set matches, which means either the player will win 2:0 or 2:1.


Tournament Winner Markets: this is also called the outright winner betting, and this is where you are supposed to bet on the player or a team to win the whole tournament. Today, most of the online bookies will offer these markets. These wagers will also offer valuable betting opportunities together with the option to get some big winners since not like every tournament is going to be won by one of the largest contenders.


Parlays: are also called the accumulators, and in general, they are very popular bets for the beginners, since the favorites are always backed up to win. When you wager your money with the parlay bet there is that big excitement on making huge profits. If you want to win this bet you need to predict the all of the results of the matches that are included in the parlay, since otherwise you will lose the bet. The danger with these bets is that with each game that is added to the parlays you will be multiplying your winning potential and the bookmaker’s margins.


Other tennis bets would include: Tie Break in a Match, First Set Correct Score, First Set Winner.


With all of this said, there are a lot of ways to bet on tennis. Betting on individual matches is the most straightforward way of betting. With a match where both players are almost even in skills, they will have very similar odds.


For example, if Novak Djokovic had -205 and was against Andy Murray with +175. This could be a huge favorite for Novak since he is playing against, in this case, a less talented opponent, and he could be hugely favored up to -5000, and his opponent would go off at something like +1600. Spreads will usually be offered in matches like this, which will give a chance to the bettors to bet on Djokovic to be able to win in straight sets. Most tournaments would have wagers available on who is going to win the tournament.


Tennis Betting Strategies: Finding the upsets in the tournament win level can really be difficult since it is always (almost) going to be the better player that will win the major tournaments, after everything is already set and done. However, on the individual match level, if the bettors try to study these bets they will be able to make big profits, with either favorites or underdogs. One thing you should consider about tennis handicapping is the unique style of each player. A lot of beginner bettors would just look at the name of the player, and they would not look at how that player actually plays. For example, if we take in account that John Isner is a very good tennis player, because of his very powerful serve, he would be nearly unbeatable against a sub-par or average return game. However if he was to play against a great runner, then he would be vulnerable. You need to learn all of the weaknesses and strengths of all of the players, so you can determine which one of the players will win the game.


Surfaces are another important factor you must consider. Players like David Ferrer and Nadal are much better while playing on clay than they are while playing on any other surface. Just be sure you consider this before placing you bet, as well as the fitness. Tennis players always have some kind of an injury, and it will always be a helpful tip to look into their schedule to see if they are going to risk their bodies on any other week before the match. Players will, of course, be much fresher at the beginning of the year, and just have injuries build up as the year ends. Generally speaking, when a player has had a very long week for qualifying and making it to the semi – finals or jus the finals, then that player will have to travel a lot for the next week’s event and there is a good chance they will be very tired, so knowing this, will be very useful.


Playing conditions: this is another very important factor in the pre-match considerations will be the conditions. This will include the surfaces of the court, since like we said they are not the same. Some like to play on the clay-ish court while others do not. The grass is known to make some of the good players lose their game easily, for example; Nikolay Davydenko, Milos Raonic, and John Isner are known to not be very good players while playing on grass. While Andy Murray will be poor on a clay surface, and what is interesting to say that in his whole career he only once won against an opponent on a clay surface (back in 2009). Apart from the surface that the players will be playing on, the court’s speed also varies, although not so much as before.


The weather: like in every other sport that is held outside, this is one of the biggest factors that can affect the game and the players. The wind is the biggest enemy since it can play havoc with the tennis ball toss or even a high ball toss, and there will always be some good and bad wind players. A good example of this would be Andy Murray’s victory over Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych on 2012 US. Those were pretty unplayable conditions, but Murray used them in his advantages. If it is windy, then attacking players would often be disadvantaged since they would have that plan where they go close to the boundaries (where they would normally get closer). Roger Federer is a very good example for this, who is a very good player indoors, but he is also a good player in the windy weather, together with Petra Kvitova.


Head-to-heads: this is also an important factor since you must know how do players cope with some particular styles of play. So, if the player was to have a bad losing head-to-head record VS. someone like Isner John, it is worth for you to check somewhere else, with some other servers if the pattern continues. Since this would mean that one player just does not know how to play against the other.


Left-handers: it is important to know that lefties usually present a tricky and different kind of challenge for the right-handers, and it is a good advice for you to check out how do lefties and right-handers deal against each other. This is something that can easily be found on random sites, you just need to look it up.


In-Play betting: when you have finally analyzed all of this information you can decide how do you want things to develop from now. There are a lot of situations that can be triggered and it is important to take everything into account. There are some men who can also choke, as well as many other tennis players who usually struggle in situations like serving out. There are also …

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Aplikasi Judi Online – Pengeluaran HK




Kehadiran Aplikasi Judi Online yang Menguntungkan Bettor

Jaman sudah canggih dan sistem permainan judi juga harus semakin canggih sehingga bettor bisa menikmati permainan judinya dengan lebih baik dan juga nyaman. Kehadiran aplikasi judi online merupakan sebuah pembaharuan besar sekaligus juga seperti update terbaik sebab bettor semakin lebih mudah untuk mengakses permainan judi mereka dan sekaligus berhasil untuk meningkatkan penghasilan dengan permainan judi mobile.


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Hadirnya Aplikasi Judi Online Memberikan Perubahan Besar


Masuknya permainan judi menuju sistem komputerisasi saja sudah merupakan sebuah perkembangan yang sangat canggih dan juga terobosan yang baru di tahun 2000an silam sehingga bettor tidak perlu lagi harus ke luar negeri dan bermain judi di dalam casino sehingga mereka hanya perlu menggunakan komputer untuk bermain judi dan mengakses internet sebagai penghubung bettor dengan situs judinya guna memulai permainan judi yang mereka inginkan. Meskipun canggih, namun cara ini ternyata masih sedikit memiliki kelemahan dimana bettor harus diam di tempat dan bermain judi padahal kegiatan mereka juga bukan hanya bermain judi dan masih ada yang lainnya.


Aplikasi Judi Online


Untuk itulah kini hadirnya aplikasi judi online secara mobile memberikan bettor keuntungan berlimpah sehingga mereka pun semakin mudah untuk memainkan judi apa saja yang diinginkan hanya dengan perangkat keras mobile yang mereka bawa kemanapun itu. Ditambah lagi dukungan jaringan internet yang semakin cepat serta kuat sehingga mampu menjangkau daerah terpencil sekaligus membuat bettor pengeluaran hk semakin terbantu untuk bermain dan meningkatkan keuntungan mereka. Dimanapun bettor berada dan kapanpun mereka inginkan, permainan judi dapat diakses dengan mudah tanpa kesulitan selama jaringan internet memadai dan juga pulsa di dalam ponsel pintar Anda cukup untuk bermain.


Tak heran jika kini banyak agen yang juga menyediakan permainan versi mobile ini dengan membuat aplikasi yang berkualitas sehingga agen semakin mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar dengan mampu membuat diri mereka lebih dekat dengan para bettor. Ditambah lagi mereka juga menyediakan beragam permainan yang bisa dimainkan semuanya melalui ponsel pintar. Sportsbook atau permainan sports betting dapat dimainkan dengan mudah dan itu berlaku untuk permainan apapun itu entah sepak bola, tenis, basket dan sebagainya. Selain itu, permainan casino pun juga dapat dimainkan dengan sangat mudah mulai dari baccarat, roulette, sicbo, slot dan sebagainya.


Anda hanya perlu memilih situs yang menyediakan aplikasi ini atau memilih dahulu aplikasinya yang terbaik setelah itu Anda mendaftar menuju situs aslinya sehingga mendapatkan partner yang paling menguntungkan bagi diri Anda dan permainan yang dilakukan. Selain itu aplikasi ini juga dibuat dengan sangat ringan sehingga tidak memakan penyimpanan dari ponsel dan juga menghambat kinerja dari ponsel canggih Anda. Karena itulah jauh lebih menyenangkan untuk bisa langsung memiliki aplikasi yang paling menguntungkan ini dan tidak perlu bettor harus menunggu sepulang kerja hanya untuk bermain judi yang mereka inginkan karena kapanpun waktunya, Anda bisa main.


Jauh lebih santai dan membantu juga sehingga bettor yang tidak memiliki perangkat keras seperti komputer maupun juga laptop bisa bermain judi karena mereka pasti memiliki ponsel apalagi kini ponsel dengan kecanggihan jaringan maupun teknologi yang terbaru saja dibanderol dengan harga yang terjangkau sehingga siapapun bisa memilikinya dengan mudah dan tidak perlu lagi kesulitan untuk bermain judi yang menyenangkan dan juga tentunya memberikan untung.


Inilah bukti bahwa agen selalu berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik bahkan melalui aplikasi judi online mobile untuk para bettornya seiring dengan kecanggihan teknologinya sekarang.…

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