Togel Singapore

Update on “durrrr’s” Million Dollar Poker Togel Singapore Challenge



Tom “durrr” Dwan’s Million Dollar Poker Challenge is comprised of 50,000 poker hands at tables with stakes of $200/$400 or more. After the last hand, whoever has the biggest bankroll will either win $1.5 million from Dwan, or Dwan will win $500,000 of his opponent’s money.


It wasn’t long after Dwan’s challenge that Phil Ivey took Dwan up and agreed to compete… and then David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius followed. These are three of the biggest names in online and live poker. Phil Ivey is a five-time WSOP bracelet winner, Benyamine has one bracelet, and although Antonius has more than $750K in WSOP winnings, he doesn’t wear a bracelet. Dwan has no WSOP bracelets either, but these guys are just about all in the same league, expect for Ivey, who blows them all away. Online opinion polls show that Dwan has no chance against Ivey. Although there are some who believe this whole thing is hype and the challenge will never actually take place or that Dwan will never follow through and end up paying out of his pocket when he doesn’t complete the challenge. But Dwan is a pretty cool guy who would not likely make such a joke out of himself.


There are questions though, surrounding the challenge. Like when and where it will take place. It is most likely that FullTilt Poker will win the free advertisement off this one. Ivey is with FullTilt and both Benyamine and Dwan are known to play at FullTilt. Ivey would not be able to play anywhere else online anyway because his Team FullTilt contract prevents him from doing so. There will also have to be someone neutral to monitor the players and ensure all Dwan’s rules are being followed fairly.


Some might remember back in October 2008 when Dwan attempted to organize a $50K heads-up online challenge with the best of 3 or 5 no limit hold ‘em matches, with a starting chip stack of $300, and blinds would stay the same. This Togel Singapore challenge never materialized, but apparently Dwan loves the competitive aspect of poker just as much as he does all the money he wins. By the way, he’s already a top-runner for the biggest winner of 2009.


Amarillo Slim Beaten Down and Robbed!


“Amarillo” Slim Preston, hands-down one of the greatest living gamblers and poker players of all-time, was rushed to a local area hospital in Amarillo, Texas, this past week after being beaten and robbed of his possessions and a large amount of cash.


The robbery, which occurred when Preston was trying to collect on a $3,000 debt that was owed to him, not only costed Slim $8,000 in cash and an $85,000 ring he was wearing, but he also suffered a broken jaw, hand, and thumb!


According to police reports, he was led to an open field in his hometown of Amarillo by someone planning to give him a 4-wheel drive vehicle as collateral on the debt, but was then subsequently beaten down and blatantly robbed on the spot.  The person was not identified in the reports, however, local police authorities are hoping to find the culprit as soon as possible.


The 80-year old Amarillo Slim is one of the pioneers of poker and was responsible for bringing the game itself to the forefront of Vegas lore when he, Sailor Roberts, and Doyle Brunson traveled to and from Texas and Nevada as road gamblers and “hustlers.”  He is also one of the few players to have won the WSOP Main Event more than once in his career and is also a member of the coveted Poker Hall of Fame.


We wish Slim nothing but the best and hope he has a speedy recovery.It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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2022 Lang Calendars

Computer Consulting 101 PC Troubleshooting Advice and 2022 Lang Calendars



While most small businesses really do need to find a good local computer consulting business to take care of their computer problems, there are some computer problems that are simple enough for even a technophobe to handle. At Computer Consulting 101, we’ve found there’s one very simple piece of advice that often doesn’t get communicated to non-technical small business end users: When in doubt, reboot first. Seriously, while it may sound tremendously simple, end users often overlook it during typical computer panic attacks. Anytime you’re about to consider an issue a real IT support problem and call your computer consulting vendor, always reboot first. First, exit out of whatever files and programs that you’re working on. Then, run through a Shutdown and Restart sequence to reboot your computer.


If you suspect your computer problem involves something hardware-related, such as with your network card, modem, mouse, keyboard or sound card, you should even go one step further, before calling your computer consulting experts. Go to your Start menu. Next, shutdown your PC. Then turn the power off for a minute or so… if you’re computer didn’t power itself off on its own. Then finally power your PC back up again and see if the problem resolved itself on its own.


Many times a simple reboot is all it takes. The Bottom Line While this advice probably sounds very basic like 2022 Lang Calendars, at Computer Consulting 101 we’ve found that a substantial percentage (as many as 10-20% of problems) of trouble calls for IT support become unnecessary after a reboot. And of course, because you probably pay every single time you pick up the phone, why not conserve your IT budget for those projects that can help your company drive more revenue, improve productivity, reduce overhead, and boost your bottom line. Remember, before you call a computer consulting professional, reboot first…. so you can conserve your computer consulting budget for those problems that really require expert assistance. Copyright MMI-MMVI, Computer Consulting 101 Blog. All Worldwide Rights Reserved.





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Situs Togel Agen Bola Online Indonesia Terpercaya Liga365 dan link alternatif Liga365



Kali ini kita akan membahas tentang Liga365. Siapa yang tidak kenal Liga365?? Kami rasa hampir semua orang yang suka main judi online mengenal Liga365. Ya Liga365 memang merupakan Agen Judi Online Terbesar & Terpercaya di Indonesia, karena Liga365 sudah berdiri cukup lama, sejak tahun 2009 Liga365 sudah bergelut di Dunia Judi Online “kususnya judi bola”.


Jadi tidak perlu di ragukan lagi kredibilitasnya!! Dulu memang Liga365 hanya menyediakan permainan Sepak Bola saja, tapi seiring perkembangan zaman, Liga365 juga menambah beberapa game yang banyak di cari dan di nikmati para betor indonesia, seperti :

– Togel

– Tangkas (Micky Mouse)

– Live Casino

– Poker DominoQQ

– Keno (Number Games)

– Slot


Jadi sekarang di Liga365 kalian bisa mainkan semua permainan di atas hanya dengan 1 id saja, tidak perlu buat user id baru. Liga365 juga bisa di akses menggunakan Smart Phone kalian, jadi kalian bisa mainin semua game di mana dan kapan saja.


Liga365 juga menjadi Agen Judi Online Terlengkap yang di dukung bank-bank besar Indonesia seperti :


– Mandiri



– Danamon

– CIMB Niaga

– Sinarmas


– Panin Bank

– Permata Bank

– Artha Graha

– Bank BJB

(Liga365 juga menerima deposit dari bank daerah & bank swasta lainnya)


Info : Lihat juga Jadwal Bank sebelum anda bertransaksi di Jadwal Bank Liga365


Berikut ini link alternatif resmi Liga365 :






Link Login Smart Phone :




Download Aplikasi :



(Kami menghimbau kepada anda semua untuk Togel login hanya dari link di atas!! Jika ada kesulitan, bisa hub kami di


Memilih Agen yang Terpercaya sangat perlu apa lagi di Dunia Online dan berkaitan dengan Judi pada siapa anda akan melapor? Sudah banyak kasus penipuan / menang tidak dibayar dengan berbagai alasan, jadi sebaiknya pasti kan dan cari tahu dulu kredibilitas Agen yang ingin anda jadikan tempat bertaruh, karena Liga365 tidak mau anda semua tertipu oleh Agen abal-abal yang mulai banyak bermunculan saat ini.


Jadi tunggu apa lagi, segera bergabung bersama kami di Liga365 Agen Judi Online Terpercaya di Indonesia Ajak juga teman kerabat anda semua bergabung bersama kami dan menangkan uang ratusan juta rupiah bersama kami!!



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Crypto Gambling

Top 10 Reshuffles On CoinMarketCap: Ethereum vs. Ripple, Nem vs. Litecoin & More Crypto Gambling



As Bitcoin continues to grow, some altcoins are not being left behind either. Last week there was an intense competition on the Top 10 of CoinMarketCap with some casualties being posted.


It was so engrossing to see some old cryptocurrencies uprooted from their longstanding positions. This registered the fact that no entity has a monopoly over a particular position.


Ethereum lost to Ripple

Smart Contract king, Ethereum in a very surprising circumstance lost its long-held number two spot to snowballing Bank Transfer giant Ripple. Fascinatingly, within the week it doubled its value and it was near twice the value of Ethereum.


Rising almost 40 percent, its market cap was over $15 bln. It has now lost almost $2 bln and Ethereum is now closing the gap. Actually, it was the second best-performing cryptocurrency on the top 10 last week.


Yet still, Ripple leads Ether with almost $2 bln in Market Cap. Some analysts in the space are strongly convinced it is likely that it will recover and take back the number two position it nearly monopolized for a couple of years.


It remained to be seen since Ripple keeps making deals with banks around the world expanding its portfolios. Anyway, Ethereum with no doubt as well has become a popular smart contract platform.


NEM pushed Litecoin

In a related development, on Thursday fast-growing NEM also pushed SegWit trailblazer, Litecoin to the fifth rank and became the world’s fourth most valuable digital currency. This was when the Ethereum Token rose a towering 50 percent in growth rate.


It became one of the notorious astonishments associated with altcoins rise since Litecoin, the silver of crypto has been performing awesomely in the market since choosing the SegWit path. Well in this space nothing is no more a bewilderment. NEM now holds more than $2 bln in Market Capitalization.


Significantly New Economic Movement (NEM) was the best performing crypto in the week and continues to lead in altcoin growth in 2017. It seems to be attracting more investors to its fold.


Stellar Lumen vs. Monero

Another interesting raging battle is between the radioactivity of Ripple as a result of a misunderstanding, Stellar Lumen, and steadily declining Monero. On Thursday XLM dislodged Monero from the eighth rank but the latter fought back gallantly to take it back on Friday.


Alas! This did not last long and the Microfinance Blockchain once again took over on Saturday. At the time of filing this report, the difference in Market Cap between the two was $20 mln for Crypto Gambling.


If Monero remains the way it is tanking, the likelihood of gaining back the position is slim. Moreover, Stellar Lumen so far has given all indications it has come to the top 10 to stay.


ByteCoin bites Steem

Among the other things, last week witnessed a newcomer in the ranks of the elites when Bytecoin crashed the gates of the top 10 sending Steem stumbling down below. For four days now Bytecoin has held the tenth position firmly. It is up to them to prove to the community if they have come to stay or not.


Meanwhile, Siacoin is barking fiercely to gain entrance to the top as it is now at the eleventh spot. Cointelegraph anticipates a hot week ahead.



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data hk




Situs poker online terpercaya 2018 di Indonesia yang telah mendapatkan license sebagai agen poker online terpercaya didalam menyajikan permainan poker online akan kami berikan untuk anda. Sobat sebagai pemain poker online pasti membutuhkan kemenangan, dan kali ini sobat sangat beruntung telah membaca artikel yang dibuat


Kami sebagai agen judi online terpercaya sudah beberapa kali membagikan situs poker online terpercaya untuk anda. Namun pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan membagikan situs poker online yang bisa memberikan anda keuntungan, karena berani memberikan bonus besar.


Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa permainan poker online yang disajikan oleh situs poker online terpercaya memang sangat diminati oleh para pemain poker, karena bisa memberikan keuntungan saat bermain.


Bonus yang diberikan oleh situs poker online memang menggiurkan, namun sobat jangan terpancing karena belum tentu mudah diraih. Semua situs poker online pasti memberikan bonus dengan menggunakan syarat, data hk nah kami agen judi online akan memberikan situs poker online terpercaya yang berani memberikan bonus besar dan mudah untuk diraih.


Situs Poker Online Terpercaya 2018 di Indonesia


Situs poker online terpercaya di Indonesia memang paling berani didalam memberikan bonus besar dengan syarat sangat mudah diraih. Sobat sebagai pemain poker online terpercaya harus segera bergabung dan mendapatkan bonusnya.


Untuk mempermudah bermain di situs poker online, pihak admin berkerjasama dengan beberapa bank online seperti BCA, BNI, BRI dan MANDIRI yang online 24 jam. Sobat tidak perlu khawatir didalam bertransaksi bersama situs poker online karena situs memang situs terpercaya.


Kenapa Mendapatkan License Sebagai Situs Poker Online Terpercaya  ? mendapatkan license sebagai situs poker online terpercaya karena memang terbukti didalam membayar para member yang telah mendapatkan jackpot besar senilai Rp 32.776.923. Mungkin sobat tidak percaya begitu saja dengan informasi yang kami berikan, namun sobat yang sudah merasakan silakan share ke teman-teman bahwa situs enakpoker,com adalah situs yang memberikan keuntungan.


Bermain poker online memang tidak mudah karena disini sangat dibutuhkan kesabaran dan kecerdikan didalam membaca kartu lawan. Selain itu situs poker online yang sobat mainkan juga harus mendukung sobat, dalam arti mempunyai rate kemenangan yang cukup besar.


Situs poker online terpercaya memang sudah terbukti mempunyai rate kemenangan yang cukup besar, jadi sobat jangan tunggu lagi untuk segera bergabung bersama situs poker online terpercaya sekarang juga.




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Bodog unveils new Togel deposit method



Online casino and sportsbetting giant is to offer players in the US some welcome respite from the recent problems plaguing online gambling deposits. has taken the lead in many new developments in the online gambling industry, and the introduction of NuCharge, an advanced and secure method to make deposits, is no exception.

Through NuCharge, an efficient way of making a credit card deposit into an electronic wallet, players can deposit money securely at’s sportsbook, casino and poker cashier.

System users can simply buy prepaid long distance phone time from NuCharge in $100, $200 or $300 batches, which can be instantly substituted for an equal amount in eCash at

NuCharge issues each customer with a PIN and control number. Players can access the NuCharge registration service via the cashier.


South Korea Warns Internet Casino Operators


Apparently, online Togel gambling via the Internet is also HUGE in South Korea. On this story, police locate Chinese casino operators out of Hong Kong based servers.


The Pusan Metropolitan Police Agency said on Sunday they are searching for five people suspected of operating illegal international gambling Web sites.


According to the police, the suspects, who are living in China, opened two gambling Web sites using Hong Kong servers in April 2004. They collected more than 20,000 Korean members through advertisements using cell phone text messages and provided them with online gambling venues for poker and “go-stop,’’ the Korean card game.


The money involved totaled 13.5 billion won, the police said.


Gamblers sent cash to the operators’ bank accounts, who in turn provided them with game money, taking 8 percent of the cash as commission.


According to the police the five operators are members of the same family and were punished in 2001 for operating a gambling Web site in Korea. They then went to Shenzhen, China where they continued to run their illegal gambling business.


The police also charged 76 people who they say regularly logged onto the Web sites and gambled including a doctor, a company executive, a housewife, and a college student.


“They gambled on the sites for more than a month spending more than 2 million won each. Most of them were not aware that gambling on the Internet is subject to the country’s gambling laws,’’ a police officer said.


The police asked Interpol for help in arresting the operators as they are living overseas. full story


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Togel Hongkong

Mobile Casinos



Mobile casinos put the fun into the palm of your hand. Be as up-to-the-minute as you can and play your favorite games in your favorite mobile casino.


Mobile Gambling Has Arrived

Mobile gambling is an idea whose time has come. Just as Internet gambling revolutionalized the industry in the 1990s, mobile casinos are overhauling and modernizing the business once again. Right now, as you read, millions of people are taking advantage of the very latest technology to gamble on their cell phones – what are you waiting for?


It now seems like ages ago, but just over a decade ago gambling fans had to pack their bags and fly or drive to their nearest land-based casino in order to play the slots or blackjack. Las Vegas and Atlantic City were the destinations of choice for gamblers and, despite the inconvenience, they came in droves. But online gambling changed all that. Once it became possible to gamble at home – on your PC – people realized that it was way easier and almost as much fun to frequent online casinos as it was to go to a “real” casino. Online gambling drew millions of new and veteran gamblers from all over the world. It became a force to reckon with.


Nothing Is More Mobile than a Mobile Casino Togel Hongkong

But time – and technology – marches on and a competitive and dynamic industry like gambling can’t allow itself to tread water. After years of research and development, mobile gambling is starting to change the face of gambling once again. Now, instead of looking back to the days when you went to on-land casinos as “old fashioned,” you will start to feel the same way about online casinos. Why be tied to your computer when you can use your handy mobile phone to gamble, anywhere, any time of the day or night? Laptops are no longer the last word in convenience and mobility; now, your cell phone and your PDA (personal digital assistant) are way handier. Face it – you don’t leave home without your mobile phone, do you?


Play Your Favorite Mobile Games

When you’re on the beach, on the subway, or just relaxing on a park bench, you’re not going to haul out your laptop to play your favorite casino games; finding a wireless connection is no sure thing and bringing a laptop to the ballgame is, well, pretty geeky. But everyone has a cell phone and so now everyone has a mobile casino right in the palm of his or her hand. It’s a breeze to use (although the technology that goes into it is far from simple) and it’s a dream come true for gamblers on the go. The same beautiful graphics and great sounds that you’ve come to know and love in your favorite online casinos have made the move to your mobile handset. With a few clicks, you can download the software, register, deposit funds and you’re ready to play your favorite mobile games. Your trusty cell phone has just turned into the best kind of casino imaginable – the kind that goes everywhere you do.



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Joka Casino

Onseils de casino en ligne – Joka Casino



Trouver le tournoi de poker adapté à chaque joueur selon ses besoins individuels est souvent difficile pour les nouveaux joueurs. Commencez par repérer des événements au « buy-in » bas et découvrez celui qui vous plaît le plus, que votre préférence aille aux bounty, aux shootouts, aux tables simples, aux turbos, aux rebuy ou à une autre variante de tournoi de poker. Vous aurez également besoin de trouver un bon site. Consultez notre tableau et découvrez les meilleurs.


Beaucoup de joueurs se tournent vers le poker sur internet pour jouer à des tournois de poker en ligne parce qu’il y a beaucoup des cagnottes garanties. Il y a également une énorme quantité de tournois satellites en ligne qui alimentent des compétitions plus importantes, à la fois en ligne ou en direct, donc il existe beaucoup d’opportunités pour les joueurs participants. Cependant, seulement certains sites ont beaucoup à offrir en termes de qualité. Pour cette raison, il est important de trouver la bonne salle de poker en ligne.



Tournois de poker en direct


Certains des plus gros événements satellites proposés par les salles de poker en ligne sont des tournois qui permettent à des joueurs d’accéder à des tournois de poker en direct. Ces évènements sont généralement gigantesques et proposent un grand nombre de cagnottes garanties, le plus connu étant le WSOP (World Series of Poker). Les tournois de poker en direct sont très excitants et animés, et selon les personnes y participant, il se peut que beaucoup de fans soient aux premières loges pour acclamer Joka Casino leur joueurs préférés. Ces évènements ont lieu dans des casinos de Las Vegas ou dans d’autres casinos plus exotiques situés un peu partout dans le monde. Il existe également des très petits tournois de poker accueillis par des casinos partout dans le monde, tous les jours.


Comment participer


Si vous ne l’avez jamais fait auparavant, vous êtes peut-être intimidé à l’idée de participer à un tournoi. Ce n’est pas aussi difficile que vous pouvez le penser, et il suffit de quelques clics pour y parvenir. Tout d’abord, rendez vous sur l’accueil des tournois du logiciel que vous utilisez. Choisissez celui que vous voulez tout d’abord essayer et commencez avec un « buy-in » bas.


Si l’évènement a lieu directement, foncez et cliquez sur la touche « s’inscrire » qui vous réservera un siège au début de la compétition. Si elle a lieu à une date ultérieure, vous pouvez parfois vous pré-enregistrer, mais n’oubliez pas de revenir pour être présent au début.


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PKV Poker

Sbobet Casino Online



SBOBET Casino sangat populer sekali PKV Poker di indonesia dikarenakan sbobet adalah pelopor permainan casino online pertama di indonesia pada tahun 2006 yang dimulai dengan dan akhirnya berubah nama menjadi dan pada tahun 2008 sbobet memulai permainan live casino online.


SBOBET beroperasi di Asia yang dilisensikan oleh First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, Manila-Filipina dan di Eropa dilisensikan oleh Pemerintah Isle of Man untuk beroperasi sebagai juru taruhan olahraga sedunia.




pada acara tahunan EGR Awards yang diadakan oleh eGaming Review Magazine, SBOBET menerima penghargaan “Asian Operator of the Year” untuk tahun 2009 dan 2010. SBOBET menduduki peringkat ke-11 dari daftar 50 most influential operators oleh eGaming Review pada tahun 2011.


Saat ini sbobet sudah memasuki pasar Indonesia, Thailand, Singapura, Malaysia, Kamboja, Vietnam dan masih banyak wilayah asia yang secara perlahan berhasil mereka masuki dan diajak berkerja sama dalam bisnis perjudian Online ini.  Sbobet Asia PKV Poker sukses membuat perkembangan perjudian Asia semakin berkembang pesat, bahkan tidak kalah saing dengan perjudian diwilayah eropa akan tetapi seiring berjalannya waktu ditiap negara.


Permainan Seperti Sportbook, Casino, Poker, Bola Tangkas, Domino, Semua dapat anda nikmati permainan di sbobet.


Pada saat ini Permainan Sbobet sudah dapat anda nikmati melalui mobile betting, fitur yang disediakan sbobet untuk mempermudah anda bermain dimana saja. adalah agen resmi untuk agen casino sbobet di indonesia, untuk mendapatkan user id permainan sbobet anda dapat menghubungi customer service kami atau anda dapat langsung mengisi form pendaftaran sbobet dengan klik DAFTAR SBOBET


Bet2indo adalah agen sbobet indonesia terpercaya yang sudah beroperasi sejak tahun 2006 sampai saat ini.


Permainan taruhan bola dan casino online sbobet sangat terkenal sekali di indonesia dibandingkan dengan website taruhan bola dan casino online lainnya.  Dan dapat dipastikan hampir 100% para pemain judi online di indonesia pernah mengunakan website judi bola online sbobet, dikarenakan gampangnya pengunanaan yang sangat user friendly dan dengan tampilan yang sangat mudah di mengerti.


Judi Bola Sbobet

Permainan judi bola sbobet di website sangat banyak ragamnya dimulai dari permaianan handicap, mix parlay, first half handicap, 1×2. Disamping permainan taruhan bola juga tersedia taruhan bola basket, taruhan badminton, Virtual sport, boxing, racing.


Judi Online Casino

Selain permainan sportsbook di sbobet juga tersedia permainan casino online, beragam permaian casino online di sbobet antara lainnya :






Mini Games

Slot Games

Keno / Keno


Hi Lo

Dice ( Dadu )

Kesemua permainan diatas dapat anda akses hanya dengan 1 user id.


Untuk mendapatkan permainan sbobet anda dapat menghubungi agen sbobet indonesia di situs agen sbobet online terpercaya di indonesia.


Untuk mendaftar menjadi anggota sbobet silakan klik di DAFTAR SBOBET


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Keluaran HK shutdown after eight years of online Keluaran HK casino business was launched in 1999 and is licensed in the Caribbean island of Antigua. The company originally used its own software but then switched to Boss Media earlier this year for its online casino and poker operations.


Afters eight years in online casino operation, the online gaming firm, Universal Gaming Concepts Inc. has announced the closure of its online casino, The online gaming company decided to close its doors after evaluating economic issues in the business.


Chief Executive Officer for Universal Gaming Concepts, Giancarlo Bettini, said, “The current changes in the legal and economic landscape of the gaming industry has made it increasingly difficult for us to compete and retain our market share.”


“The strategic decision to cease operations while we are still in the position to satisfy our obligations to players, vendors, affiliates and staff reinforces our integrity and commitment to good business practices,” Bettini added.


Current Keluaran HK customers of can cash out their account balances immediately, and requests will continue to be processed until December 30, 2007.


A statement on the website says, “Your account balance is available for immediate payout and you are encouraged to process your payout immediately to avoid delay.”


The statement continues, “If you have not requested your funds prior to our closing date, you must contact to have your payout requests processed manually.”


Full Tilt Poker Software Upgrade


Online poker room Full Tilt released a major software upgrade today, with a number of nice (albeit small) new features, including auto-rebuy options for ring games, SNG rematches, login history and more.


New features of the new Full Tilt Poker software includes the ability to set a predetermined amount (number of big blinds, as in 10 times the big blind, or 20 times the big blind, etc.) for future buy-in’s. Once you’ve set up your preference through the Full Tilt Poker lobby (under preferences) the software will default to that preference for all future buy ins.


Full Tilt Poker Heads up Sit n Go Rematches. Following every heads up sit n go match each player will be asked if they’d like to rematch.


Automatic Rebuys in Full Tilt Poker ring games (cash games). Pokerstars “Fast” table players will be familiar with this option, when you a player bites the felt (or loses all their chips) in a regular ring poker game, they are automatically rebought back in. The money to cover the rebuy is taken from the players account.


Holding your mouse over a players avatar will now reveal the country that player is playing from in addition to the player notes stored for each player. This is not a preference or an option, can’t be turned off.


A new online poker security option has also been added, if your balance looks a little funky, or if you just like to keep track of your account, Full Tilt now also offers players a history of their logins, Login history can be found in the new Full Tilt Poker software under requests. The last 20 times a player has logged into their account will be shown in addition to the last 20 IP addresses and countries the account was logged into from.


Additionally, hand histories for Sit n Go type tournaments are now shown from the beginning of the tournament, right up to the moment the table is broken down.


It’s also rumored that Full Tilt intends to add deal making abilities to the software in the coming future.





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