Bodog- result hk Leaderboards – Current Leaders May 30th

It’s May 30th which means the month is almost over! In result hk a couple days, Bodog will crown its May 2008 monthly leaderboard winner. To see what the winner of May will win when the month is over, please click here. To see where I will get the data for today’s article, please click here. For additional data from any day this past month, please visit the Bodog network page:

Here were the winners of last week’s weekly race:

1. alienface – 1774 pts

2. whatever877 – 1588 pts

3. The Nation07 – 1552 pts

alienface had less than a 10 point lead on BrianThree16 during last week’s article, but he was still able to increase his point total and stay in the top spot. In fact, he never lost his place in number one this past week – he took first place on the second day of the week and then stayed there until the end. He will win the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000 for his efforts. BrianThree16 was nowhere to be seen in the top three by the end of the week and a quick search would find him in 6th place. whatever877 made an impressive climb during the last few days of the week, going from 37th to 2nd place. Third place winner, The Nation07, was in 5th place when I wrote last week.

Here’s the top ten for this week’s weekly leaderboard:

1. FLUSH634 – 1361 pts

2. carp7357 – 1283 pts

3. ksuno1stunner – 1243 pts

4. Old Man Coyote – 1232 pts

5. StraightNutz – 1230 pts

6. Nels316 – 1207 pts

7. payems  -1065 pts

8. andyvanslyke – 969 pts

9. cream420 – 917 pts

10. graytambar – 900 pts

The week started with carp7357 in first place, and he kept the top spot for two straight days. Nels316 had a good day of tournaments and took first place for a mere day, and now we stand with FLUSH634 in first place. You can see that carp7357 dropped down to 2nd, and Nels316 somehow dropped all the way from 1st to 6th.  There are, as always, familiar names in the weekly leaderboard for this week. StraightNutz is in 4th place and has been in the top ten for the week for 17 of the last 30 days, the longest current streak on Bodog’s weekly board right now. andyvanslyke is close behind with his streak, however; he sits in 8th right now and has been in the top ten for 14 of the last 30 days. Perhaps one of these two players will step it up and take first this week.

Now for an updated list of the monthly leaderboard standings:

1. StraightNutz – 4123 pts

2. whatever877 – 4105 pts

3. fitzfitz – 3995 pts

4. FLUSH634 – 3845 pts

5. WillyNilly – 3731 pts

6. nevertilt22 – 3583 pts

7. andyvanslyke – 3580 pts

8. PhillyGG – 3532 pts

9. Nels316 – 3466 pts

10. WaThoHuck – 3326 pts

There’s StraightNutz at the top with 4123 points, which makes perfect sense after hearing his 17 for the last 30 days weekly leaderboard stat! He has a similar stat for the monthly leaderboard, as well: he’s been in the top ten for May a total of 18 days so far. Let’s see if he can make it 20 and be in number one when the month is over in a couple days. whatever877 climbed from 4th to 2nd place this week, aided by his good weekly finish last week. fitzfitz, the player in number one last week at this time, rounds out the top three for the month today. FLUSH634, the current weekly leaderboard leader, is in 4th place, up from 11th last week. WillyNilly missed the top ten last week, but he’s back this week in 5th place. nevertilt22 is a familiar name this month, too, showing up on the weekly board fairly frequently of late and moving up to 6th place this week from 9th place last week. andyvanslyke is in 7th, dropping a bit from last week’s 3rd. PhillyGG also dropped a couple spots, from last week’s 5th to this week’s 8th. Last week’s article featured some really impressive climbs up the monthly leaderboard (like that from Nels316, currently in 9th this week), but this week there isn’t really anything comparable. The biggest climb was from 10th place WaThoHuck, who moved from 20th place since last week.

There is still a couple more days left in the month (the standings are delayed by one day), so it’s still a bit too early to say that StraightNutz will win the leaderboard for May. His lead is only 18 points after all! Be sure to come back next Friday because I will be telling you how May ended up and which one of the top ten managed to snag and/or keep the top spot. Thanks for reading!