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Music has come to be something which epitomizes being typically British in the last century; like your fish and chips or pint down the local, music is a staple in our culture. From the Beatles to the Arctic Monkeys, the British music scene has never stopped evolving giving us something that is truly unique to our nation today.

Up until the 1950s music had been fairly tame in the UK, but this decade would see the rock revolution take hold. Heavily influenced by the rock ‘n’ roll and blues scene in the US, the 1950s youth of Britain decided it was their turn to get their teenage kicks, embarking on the British Invasion. Bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones copied their American blues heroes, favoring rougher skiffle music to create a rougher, bluesier sound compared to their UK predecessors. These young boys started a craze that would spark generations to come.

The swinging 60s saw music heavily influence our daily lives. From fashion to film, music set trends and styled the nation. Today music heavily influences fashion, popular British bands decide what is vogue, the edgier the better, and the nation follows.

British Music today has come a long way from it’s 60s ancestors. Though the influence of bands like The Who, Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd are still evident in modern popular music, genres have expanded and adapted. Rock, R ‘n’ B, Folk and Indie Pop are the main genres of popular music in Britain today, each with their own variation on sound, fashion and even language.



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